Mount Holyoke Student Stalks, Photographs, And Bullies South Hadley Children For Not Wearing Masks On Campus


There’s an “anonymous” Instagram account called “Mount Holyoke Pays Campo (campus police) For This” run by a Mount Holyoke student which has caused some controversy, because she goes around taking pictures of South Hadley residents, including children, and publicly shames them for being white and maskless.

Here’s some of their finer work.

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Oh no, people outside LIVING! And they’re breathing fresh air too! If only they had a cheap face diaper to magically prevent the spread of a disease that none of them have, which you can protect yourself from by getting a readily available vaccine!

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It’s not just unmasked people they’re “exposing” either.

Oh no, look at those likely vaccinated Biden voters (probably) wearing masks OUTSIDE on a beautiful spring day! Someone could get hurt!

It gets worse – there were people singing outside of a church!!

With masks on outside! You’re now allowed to sing with masks on outside, or else a 21 year old with no shot at dying from the virus could get it!

The person behind this count, who is likely wicked fun at parties, arbitrarily has decided that some kids faces would be blurred out for not wearing masks, while other kids would not.

So that girl they covered up, but these kids, not so much.

How dare those white kids not live in fear!! They should be locked in their homes playing XBox and being healthy!

According to the person behind the account those kids are racist too, because they’re not wearing masks outside on a campus that is almost entirely white and costs over $50K a year to attend.

Pronouns in bio while attending a school that only enrolls women.

Every. Single. Time.

She also shamed some more kids for being white on her campus, even though one of them clearly wasn’t white.

The black girl in that picture ended up commenting on it and thoroughly roasted the uptight Becky’s.

She’s black, but she has “proximity to whiteness,” therefore she’s no longer black. This is what your brain looks like on Monica Cannon-Grant.

The white women were really upset that the police didn’t arrest the black girl, because apparently they want the police to arrest more black people for the crime of standing by a lake fishing with white people.

Pronouns for this one are once again “she/they.”

These people would all be so much happier if they weren’t so ugly.

I’m so proud of the way these kids handled it. They did exactly what you should do when you encounter mentally unbalanced psychopaths like this – mock them, ridicule them, belittle them, and try to hurt their feelings. They deserve nothing more than that, because that is exactly what they’re trying to do to you – hurt you. Just look at what they did to another student who was apparently put on blast and attempted to apologize for it because her advisor told her she didn’t have to wear a mask on campus.

“People have the right to hold you accountable for it.”

That’s why you never, ever apologize to people like this. They would never extend the same courtesy to you. They’re evil and twisted, and they get off on hurting other people. “Forgiveness” isn’t in their bones, even for something as harmless as not wearing a mask. They want to use the power of the Internet to hurt you in the worst way imaginable.

Whoever runs the account also posted pictures of a girl and her father walking around campus, then after the father contacted them to let them know he’s a Mount Holyoke employee they still refused to remove it because he was guilty of the crime of not wearing a mask outside while vaccinated.


Because the person running this account is a horrible and vengeful waste of space, who remarkably thinks they are the morally superior person in this scenario.

It’s not just the person behind the group that’s doing this to innocent people though, it’s all the Mount Holyoke students supporting it too. Like this thing.

What does she/they even mean? Never mind, it doesn’t even matter because it’s all just made up. The funny part is that they’re doing it to be “different” and free thinkers, but everyone else on campus is using those exact pronouns so they’re really just followers.

A parent of one of the children spoke up and got attacked by these non-binary Nancy’s.

“Jess Worm” also has pronouns they and she, because even though she attends an all chick school she still has to be a freak solely for the purpose of being a freak.


Girl, you’re whining that the cops aren’t being tyrannical enough towards kids riding bikes. You don’t want to abolish the police, you want to live in a police state. Get bent Nazi ho!

Tory Halsey told the mother to keep her son off campus, and Lesbian Yoko Ono looks exactly how you imagined she would.

Bitter, unlovable, and angry at the world. She’ll graduate from college with a degree in gender studies and then demand her $200K in student loans be forgiven because she can’t get a job.

According to someone who goes by Riannon Serena on IG, those kids should’ve known better.

To the surprise of nobody she also has pronouns “she/they,” and is so white she makes Christmas in New England look like monsoon season in Mumbai.

One of the mothers pleaded to have the images taken down of her son, but a woman named Chloe put her in her place.

“Your son or his peers are being creepy as f*** and taking photos of us students in our dorms from our windows.”

That literally never happened. You also have shades in your dorm rooms and you ride horses with a mask on.


The only thing worse than a spoiled white girl who rides horses and has her pronouns in her bio, is a spoiled white girl who rides horses with a mask on with pronouns in her bio.

Then there was this gravity magnet.

As you can see, “Free Mason PA” is obese, and now wants the rest of the world to stop living because a virus exists that preys on people like her who have elected not to exercise most of their lives. According to her singing is dangerous.

Ya know what else is dangerous? Transfat and cholesterol. I’d be a lot more worried about that then I am about coronavirus, Free Mason.

So who is the person behind the account? Well, the very first person to follow the account is a student name Ailey Rivkin.

In the account’s bio is a link to this petition, which was written by Bootleg Betty Rizzo herself.

Ailey shared that petition on her page.


So she’s likely involved with it, and quite frankly if you even followed this account and participated in it then you’re just as much as a horrible person as the person behind it.

However, the person behind the account said they were a person of color, and Bootleg Betty Rizzo is white as white can be.

One of the kids snapped this picture of her.

I noticed in one of the posts that someone responded to an account called Hope Coss, accusing them of taking pictures of children.

Hope Coss claims to be an Asian and Puerto Rican woman.

And she’s a really horrible person who called a woman a shitty parent for having kids who ride bikes near her.

Oh good, she’s a 28 year old college student from Seattle going to a private college across the country for free and riding horses in her free time. She’s so oppressed.

The other day on his show Tucker Carlson said that we should shame and mock people who wear masks outdoors. I don’t know about that, but I definitely feel like a more aggressive stance has to be taken against people who try to come after you for NOT wearing one. Stop wearing masks. They don’t work, they don’t stop the spread, and there’s a vaccine anyone can get. We’re only wearing them because we live in a culture that has given horrible people like Hope Coss power, and now we have to take that power back to them by shaming and ridiculing them until they correct their behavior.


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