MTA Refuses To Send Teachers Back To Work Because It’s Too Dangerous But Have Organized Dozens Of Crowded Protests For BLM 


This is your daily reminder that exactly zero children have died from commie cold in Massachusetts, and well over half the people who have died are over the age of 80.

I bring this up because the Massachusetts Teacher’s Association has been adament that they won’t return to school until it’s “safe” for kids and teachers. Luckily for them it’s already safe since there is virtually no chance any children will die or get sick from COVID. If COVID killed children the same way it killed the elderly then no one would want to open up schools. But the same governors who saw nothing wrong with sending infected elderly people into nursing homes won’t send your kids back to school.

The people who don’t want schools to reopen will argue that kids could spread it amongst themselves then come home and give it to Grandma. But that risk already exists without school as summer camps are running, daycares are open, and so are private schools. This line of thinking dictates that schools can never reopen until there is a vaccine or the disease no longer exists. The second you open schools back up any progress that’s been made decreasing cases will immediately be erased as cases begin to increase. We have to brace for that and accept it. The fact of the matter is that unless we shut down literally everything until there is a vaccine, Grandma will always be at greater risk. So she has two choices – hide from it or live her last few remaining years as a free person. I’d hope that no elderly person would be selfish enough to suggest that children should suffer because they’re afraid of the statistically unlikely chance of dying.

We have to get out of this mentality that COVID is dangerous to young adults and kids. It’s not. We have to get rid of the idea that the number of cases matters. It doesn’t matter if you don’t die from it. The media uses fear porn every night to talk about all the “cases” in red states, while ignoring the fact that hardly anyone is dying there. Florida has the same population as New York, and an equal amount of cases. But despite all the talk of “rising cases” there they’ve had 20% of New York’s casualties because their governor didn’t send infected people into nursing homes. New York New Jersey and Massachusetts, did and they paid the price for it.

This is Merrie Najimy, a former teacher in Concord, SJW extraordinaire, and President of the MTA.

She’s a Bernie bro.

She wants us to “shut that shit down” whenever Trump refers to the commie cold’s country of origin because that’s racist.

And she’s a Rachael Rollins fan who thinks Marty Walsh is a racist for calling out rioting and looting, which she supports as long as it’s in the name of social justice.

Today she shared a link from the Boston Globe about why teachers shouldn’t go back and you simply must read the quote she highlighted.

“Parents, grandparents, educators, maybe even students, could die.”

Your kid has a better chance of drowning than they do dying from COVID. By posting such fear mongering nonsense Merrie has shown that she’s not interested in facts or data, and relies solely on fear and emotion to set policy for the MTA. And even if a teacher did die, that’s the price we have to pay to open up schools.

Merrie held a MTA meeting on Zoom the other day explaining why she was directing member unions not to go back to school “until its safe,” which it already is. She spent most of the time talking about race and the importance of BLM because she’s really just an activist who could care less about educating children.

“It’s not remote learning, it’s education under COVID”

No, it’s you avoiding going into work. It’s you sitting on the computer for 30 minutes with my kid instead of the seven hours we pay you to be with them. If you can get an “education” with a Zoom call then the “educator” isn’t skilled or essential. It’s not our job to figure out how to make this work, its your job because we’re paying you. I believe that teachers are both skilled and essential, which is why “remote learning” isn’t going to cut it.

This quote was a buzzword salad.

“While the commissioner is pitting the emotional well being of our students against each and every community in Massachusetts, we won’t take that. We have learned from the intersection of COVID and BLM that people of color, our educators and students of color due to systemic racism, have pre-existing conditions that leave them with worse outcomes. And our most vulnerable students, those students of color, of low income backgrounds, of special education needs, will continue to be harmed by a history of disinvestment in their communities and in their schools, but not by educators who are standing up for our collective health and safety.”

She really called “systemic racism” (which isn’t real) a “pre-existing condition,” thus combining two liberal talking points into one, neither of which has anything to do with schools opening.

The white guy in charge of diversity for the MTA did a little presentation about why it’s racist to reopen schools and presented this as evidence.

Black and Hispanic people are getting COVID at higher rates because they tend to live more in urban areas where the virus can spread more easily. This isn’t hard to figure out. But let’s suppose the virus was racist and targeted children of color. Why would you keep doing what you’re dong now? What you’re saying is basically that you don’t want the black kids to intermix with the white kids because they might spread it to them, which is incredibly racist.

But of course this is just an excuse not to do their job. The most vulnerable students are the ones who are being harmed the most by remote learning. By forcing kids to stay home you’re also forcing their parents to stay home, which means they can’t earn a living. Kids from wealthier backgrounds, two parent homes, and homes where one parent can afford not to work, will get more attention and services. Kids who don’t will continue to fall behind and the racial achievement gap will continue to grow.

White teachers refusing to go to work because of an irrational fear of a virus is the definition of what systemic racism really is. They don’t care how many black, brown, impoverished, or special needs kids have to suffer because they haven’t looked at the data. They’d rather live in fear, and their right to be hysterical comes before kids’ right to a quality education.

Despite the fact that it’s allegedly too dangerous to go back to work like everyone else has for months, the MTA has no problem holding near daily protests all over the state. This is their cover photo.

Notice multiple very scared teachers are not wearing masks.

Just look at these fools crying about their “health” and pretending that they’re about to die, and remember that they have a better chance of being killed by a swarm of bees than they do dying from COVID.



“My life is not expendable.”

It’s also not in danger.

Nah, one death isn’t too many, you absolute coward. We don’t shut down schools forever because someone could die. We didn’t shut down the police departments over COVID, and more than one cop in this state died from the virus. You are a “paraprofessional” but you’re also the definition of expendable if someone can do your job on a Zoom call.

They’re not “our students” because my kid doesn’t belong to you. I just pay you to teach them. And they’re not being sacrificed because there’s no chance they’ll die from COVID. The fact that anyone this stupid and misinformed could be in charge of teaching children is much more dangerous than COVID could ever dream of being.

“Educators for black lives.”

If you cared about the lives of black kids you’d be teaching them in the classroom. But your ridiculous fear of dying matters more to you than the emotional and educational needs of children of color, you selfish, narcissistic charlatans.

As you can see they MTA and member unions had no problem attending massive protests with tens of thousands of people.


But in fairness, they did their research first.

They also protested on behalf of Zakia Jarrett, a Milton teacher who was disciplined for a Zoom call in which she attempted to “teach students about systemic racism and unconscious bias,” by calling the police racist.

“I said, in addition to the men who killed Arbery being racist, that there are many police officers who are racist as well. And using that as an excuse for killing someone is not a good enough excuse.”

Where’s the evidence that there are “many” police officers who are racist? All she’s doing is telling kids that cops are racist killers and should be assumed to be the enemy of black people. It’s why the MTA wants to get rid of school resource officers over the objection of a majority of members. She absolutely deserved to be suspended for that comment, but thanks to the MTA organizing mass protests and harassing the school district they eventually caved and have agreed to begin teaching “anti-racism” to kids.


Luckily black students with masks pulled down from their faces cannot pass COVID unless they’re learning about math inside the building.

The bottom line is that if you can protest then you can teach. Remote learning is not real learning, and if the schools aren’t open then I want a refund as a taxpayer for the cost of heating and maintaining the building, which will no longer be necessary. I’d like a stipend for effectively being a co-teacher and monitoring my child because she’s not old enough to do a Zoom call on her own. I’d also like to be compensated for the money I could be earning while I do the teacher’s job for them. Until we can agree to that it should be policy that families who don’t wish to send their kids to school don’t have to, but they should be open for the people who choose not to be blinded by fear porn.

P.S. A lot of teachers who message me want to go back to school, but people like them don’t get elected to leadership positions in the MTA. I support public school teachers, I used to be in the teacher’s union, I support their existence and right to collectively bargain. But the people who rise to power in the union are always the worst kind of teachers, which is why they don’t teach anymore.


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