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Canton Cover-Up Part 4: Multiple Witnesses In Home Where John O’Keefe Was Killed Subpoenaed By Federal Grand Jury, FBI Visits Homes, Basement Floor Reportedly Replaced 

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Breaking News – according to reliable sources close to the matter a federal grand jury has subpoenaed multiple witnesses who were in the home of Boston Police Officer Brian Albert on the night fellow BPD Officer John O’Keefe was killed. The FBI has taken over the investigation and they have visited the homes of multiple witnesses, including people who weren’t in the home but were called by Jennifer McCabe in the hours after O’Keefe was placed outside in the snow. The only individual who I can confirm with 100% certainty has received a subpoena in hand is Jennifer McCabe, the sister in law of Brian Albert who played a major role in the coverup. The person who would now be leading this investigation is none other than US Attorney for Massachusetts, Rachael Rollins. Surely her distaste for the police will make this an enjoyable case for her to prosecute.

Sources are also reporting to us that Brian Albert put in his retirement papers two days ago. Had he remained on the job and been charged with a felony he would be placed on unpaid leave. This is likely an attempt to salvage his pension.

Additionally, we have it on good authority from a reliable source that Brian Albert paid to have his basement floor ripped up and replaced sometime after John O’Keefe was killed. However, we do not know who did it or the exact date. If you have any knowledge about who ripped up the basement floor and when, please feel free to email [email protected]. It is believed that John O’Keefe was thrown down the basement stairs between 12:21 and 12:24 and was beaten badly down there. The finished basement contained lifting weights, but the defense has not been granted access to the house, and the State Police never stepped foot inside of the house as part of their investigation.

Maybe a neighbor or someone walking their dog noticed a flooring company parked in the driveway for a few days. Maybe the mailman will read this and saw something. Maybe he hired a Boston Police Officer he trusted who had a side gig as a contractor. Someone knows something and they are likely scared to come forward. I want to assure anyone reading this who has more information that I have never and will never reveal a source, even when compelled to do so by a court. Email [email protected] or message Clarence Wood Emerson on Facebook.

Some have speculated at the lack of motive, but not all murders require a motive. Colin Albert’s family did not like John O’Keefe. Some have described O’Keefe as a “get off my lawn guy.” Colin’s parents, including his selectman father Chris, reportedly taunted John O’Keefe while he was away on vacation by showing pictures of themselves drinking beers in O’Keefe’s yard. They didn’t like each other at all. I do not believe that they intended to kill him that night, but these are drunk brutes, and O’Keefe was 6’2″ 220. He likely fought back, which would necessitate an extreme amount of force and violence to take him down.

Again, it is embarrassing and shameful that Norfolk County DA Michael Morrissey is continuing to disgrace his office by pursuing criminal charges against Karen Read. It’s a sad day for justice when you’re so corrupt that you have to be replaced by Rachael Rollins. I will be discussing all of this on the Live Show Saturday night at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our Youtube channel and stand by for new information that we will be reporting.



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