Nashua DCF Mom Challenges Family Members Of Man Her Junkie Baby Daddy Murdered To Fight Her After Smiling Through Courthouse Interview On Day She Was Supposed To Reunify With Kids


This week a Nashua junkbox named Joshua Shea was arrested and charged with murdering his roommate during a dispute.

A Nashua man has been arrested and charged with murder in the stabbing death of another man. The attorney general’s office said Joshua Shea, 31, is charged with second-degree murder. He’s accused of repeatedly stabbing Evangelos Ioannou, 32, with a knife.

“I can tell you the two men were associated with one another, and it is our understanding at the time that Mr. Ioannou was residing in that apartment,” said Senior Assistant Attorney General Ben Agati. Shea is expected to be arraigned Wednesday. Nashua police and crime scene tape cordoned off an apartment building on Marshall Street where police were called at about 1:30 a.m. for a report that a person had been stabbed multiple times.

“Cops were running up and down the stairwell,” said neighbor Amanda Soucy. “There were a whole bunch of cops in the parking lot.”

Investigators said Ioannou was found in a third-floor hallway. He was transported to a hospital in Nashua, where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy confirmed that he died of multiple stab and incised wounds.

Stephanie Fielding said she was Ioannou’s sister. She said he struggled with addiction but will be sorely missed.

“He had the biggest heart in the world, and he just loved everybody,” she said. “He would give you the shirt off his back if he could.”

Fielding said she went to the apartment building Tuesday morning to look for answers about what happened to her brother.

“To hear this news is not OK for me,” she said. “It’s not fair. My brother never should have gone out like that.”

News 9 Investigates has learned that Shea has a criminal history that includes drug charges.

He seems pleasant.

Tommy Twelve Steps is married to a Slam Squid named Amber Shea, who he serenaded with never ending sentagraphs about how he wanted to stop fighting so much, and how he wasn’t going anywhere.

Pretty sure he’s going somewhere now though.

Unfortunately these fentanyl jackals chose to reproduce.

As usual, these guttermuppets put more thought into giving their offspring the most ratchet names possible than they did actually raising them. Now Hunter, Kylo, Paxton, and Amaiyah, will grow up without a father.

You named one kid after a measurement for drug traffickers, and another kid you just kept buying vowels for until you ran out of money. Anyway, RIP Pony Boy, you left us too soon.

Some of those DCF pass-around babies were his, but he looks like he had a couple others too.

Whatever. It’s not like he took care of any of them anyway.

In “things that didn’t age well,” Josh was constantly posting on Facebook about how he was turning his life around and staying on the straight path.

In fairness, he did warn people that he lives by his own rules and laws.

Unfortunately the police don’t recognize his right to murder people, so it didn’t work out the way he planned.

Tommy Twelve Steps was always accusing his slam squid baby momma of confiscating the fruits of his loom.

Right before committing murder he posted about what a piece of shit you have to be to abandon your kids, despite the fact that his kids have spent much of their lives in DCF care and will now grow up without a father because he couldn’t resist the urge to stab his friend to death.

Right before getting arrested Josh posted a love note to the Slam Squid telling her that although she was mad right now he would always be there for her when she needed him.

And by that he meant “when the CO tells me it’s visitation day.”

As you can see, that post has hundreds of comments on Tommy Twelve Step’s wide open Facebook page.

And the comments are getting interesting as both the Slam Squid and the victim’s family are hashing out their differences. Things only got worse after court when Amber gave an extremely ratchet interview in court, in which she smiled, showed off her two remaining front teeth that are hanging on for dear life, and talked about how this whole murder thing ruined her DCF party plans.

Seriously, when are we gonna ban Facebook filters?





We need common sense filter reform.

Just to review:

  • They lost custody of their kids last year
  • They were “working hard” and going to rehab
  • DCYF had a reunification party planned for them the same night he was arrested for murder
  • She will no longer be attending that party
  • He’s got a bunch of Google trophies for stalking, domestic violence, drugs, and bail violations
  • Besides all that he was a great Dad who was on the “right path” before accidentally doing drugs again and consequently murdering his roommate

After court Amber was reportedly taunting the victim’s family, which led to the blowup.

The victim’s family continued to go at it with her in the comments when Slam Squid accused the deceased of selling her baby daddy the drugs that magically turned him into a murderer.

Slam Squid wasn’t backing down though, and things quickly took a turn for the ghetto as she got called out for her behavior and then challenged the haters to “step to my hood.”


Next thing you know Amber was vowing to murder rival ratchets and “end right back in court for another case.”


It was later discovered that Slam Squid may have been cheating on Tommy Twelve Steps, which led him to get high and take his rage out on the victim.

The only silver lining to come out of this is that hopefully both parents will never see their kids again, but since this is the same state that let Harmony Montgomery’s abusive deadbeat Dad hold onto her when there was a family ready to adopt her, I don’t like their chances.

Anyway, if Amber or any of the relatives want to come on the Live Show tomorrow night to discuss feel free to email me at [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.


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