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Nashua Mom Who Abandoned Her Child After Crashing While Driving 90 MPH To Avoid Cell Phone Ticket Was Recently Arrested For Heroin Possession


For MVTB’s much more colorfully worded take on this story click here to read it on TBS.

This is Tracey Pelletier of Nashua.

In case you Snapchat filters, flat brimmed weed hat, and gold chains weren’t a dead giveaway, she was destined to end up on TB Daily News.

In May she was arrested on a bench warrant for heroin possession.

Tracey Pelletier, 32, 26 Railroad Square, Nashua, N.H., was arrested Monday at 3:06 p.m. and charged on a bench warrant for heroin possession on May 21.

Stop right there. This woman has a child. Why, in a society in which heroin addiction is considered a “disease,” are people who have said disease allowed to continue to have custody of their children? How are you supposed to effectively raise a child if you’re walking around doing a zombie dance to the music in your head half the time? It would seem to me that getting arrested for anything heroin related should automatically cause you to lose custody of any dependents, because clearly you are not dependable.

Well, to the surprise of no one she was arrested again this week, but it’s what she did to her child that has caused the headlines.

Reason 5,496 that you should need a license to reproduce. This woman was willing to not only put her child’s life in danger by driving 90 MPH through a suburban neighborhood, but she also abandoned him without even making sure he was OK, and all just to avoid a citation for texting while driving. Unless of course she dropped a package in a sewer during her fun run from the popo.

Meanwhile that poor kid got out of the car and looked more confused and disappointed than every kid in Lawrence on Father’s Day.

I’m sorry kid, but this is your life now. Your mother is going to constantly disappoint you, because her needs will always come before your’s. She stated as much in her Facebook bio.

And by the looks of it you’ll probably have others in the future who will join you on your journey of disappointment, because the person you call Mom is packing a sibling factory in the back of her jeans.

Let’s hope that not being allowed to have custody of her kids (she better not) is the wakeup call she finally needs to at least attempt to get her life together.


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