Natick Man’s Family Blames Dianna Ploss For Agitating Him Into Smashing Woman’s Phone At Pro-Police Rally Despite Previous Restraining Order Against Him


Dianna Ploss is an unemployed lunatic we’ve blogged about several times before, who carries a Trump cardboard cutout with her wherever she goes and has over 50,000 followers on her Facebook page. She goes around holding Trump and “back the blue rallies” in random cities and towns in Massachusetts, where she clashes with the only people more obnoxious than her – black lives matter activists. Over the summer she was “fired” from her part time radio gig in New Hampshire after she decided to randomly harass and yell at landscapers for speaking Spanish in public. Luckily for her it saved her money because she paid them for air time, not vice versa. But she’s a really, really bad representation of conservative politics, which is why so many conservatives can’t stand her and her army of menopausal monstrosities.

She also believes every conservative who doesn’t wish to associate with her is some sort of Baker boy liberal, including yours truly.

Last weekend Dianna held a back the blue/Trump rally in Natick when it was interrupted by an activist wearing the official headware of ratchets everywhere. Watch what happens when keeping it woke goes wrong.

He was a real tough guy when he stole the woman’s camera and smashed it.

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Not so tough a couple minutes later.

Of course Dianna ruined everything as usual with her usual commentary.

“Go to communism, go to Venezuela.”

Just, stop talking Dianna.

The cop at the end was ready to rip her head off because she wouldn’t shut her pie hole and let them do their job. Later on while the cops were trying to figure out what was going on she told people not to cooperate with the police, which makes her no different from the people she always clashes with. Her ridiculous antics attract these psychopaths and put cops directly in danger in order to protect her dumb ass.

As horrible as she is, Charlie Cha Chia was even worse. He threatened to have his gay friends come by and forcefully penetrate their posteriors from behind, then gave them the sign that he was strapped before running for his life.

His name is David Hepp, and was arrested for it.

A 25-year-old Natick man was arrested and charged with assault and malicious destruction of property during a rally when supporters of President Donald Trump clashed with counterprotesters on the Town Common Saturday afternoon. David Hepp was arrested at 2:40 p.m. Saturday. Police said Hepp crossed the street to where Trump supporters were rallying and took a person’s phone and threw it to the ground, a Natick police spokeswoman said Monday. Police told The Metrowest Daily News Sunday that Hepp was arrested after authorities received multiple reports of Hepp being pepper-sprayed by someone at the rally. According to reports, Trump supporters were gathering on the Town Common, with counterprotesters in front of a church across the street.

David was once an up and coming goalie with a chance of making it pro.

Now he spends his days running away from Trump supporters after smashing their phones and vowing to have them bent over and penetrated by his gay friends.

Natick Black Lives Matter (yes, that’s a thing) posted about it on Facebook, and David showed up and went full dindu nuffin.

His Mommy also showed up to provide emotional support.

Newsflash – David smashed a woman’s phone because he didn’t like the person she’s voting for for President. Then he ran like the coward that he is and got a boo-boo. Dianna Ploss aside, your Shaun King doppleganger son is a spectacular dumpster fire of a human being.

Funny seeing Mom defend him though, considering it was just a few years ago that David was arrested and sent to jail for 60 days for assaulting his Dad, while violating the restraining order his Dad had out against him.

A Natick man on probation for an assault against his father was ordered to jail for 60 days on Wednesday after authorities said he violated his probation twice in the past week, authorities said. Natick Police arrested David Justin Hepp, 18, at his parents’ 8 Wilogreen Road home on Tuesday at 9:36 p.m., prosecutor Jessica Hogan said during Hepp’s Framingham District Court arraignment on Wednesday. Hepp had gone to the home in violation of a court order and a restraining order that his father lodged against him. Hepp and his brother argued then fought, the prosecutor said.

“He punched his brother several times in the face and he had a cut above his eye,” Hogan said.

Police arrested Hepp, who still listed the home as his address, and charged him with assault and battery and violating a restraining order. Hogan asked Judge Robert Greco to hold Hepp on $1,000 bail. She also asked the judge to revoke Hepp’s bail on an open violation of a restraining order case. He was arrested last Wednesday for going to the home. The probation department also asked Greco to hold Hepp for violating his probation. In April, he had an assault and battery charge in connection with an assault on his father from last year continued without a finding. As part of the conditions, he was banned from going to the family’s home.

Anyway, everyone in this story sucks except for the cops, who unfortunately have to babysit BLM and Dianna Ploss every time she pulls a stunt like this, which is almost every day now.


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