New Bedford Anti-Vaxxer Mom Live Streams Herelf Barging Into Hospital To Prove That No One Is Sick From Coronavirus


Anita Garcia is an anti-vaxxing crusader from New Bedford.

So she has two things going against her.

Anti-vaxxers, like atheists, are mostly attention seeking narcissists whose sole purpose is to tell you how dumb you are and how smart they are by citing thoroughly debunked garbage that they read on 4 Chan. It’s all they can talk about.


She thinks everything is a conspiracy and protested against David Hogg.

I guess that means the Parkland shooting never happened, or something. Don’t get me wrong, I detest that freaky looking skinner just as much as the next guy. But there’s a difference between posting memes about him and actually showing up with handwritten signs to protest him.

All that attention wasn’t enough for Anita, who felt the need to live stream herself going into St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford to prove that the commie cold isn’t real.

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“I just wanted to see how empty it was.”

She cracked the case! It was all a huge lie. No one is dying because she walked into a building for five second and didn’t see any corpses.

Either that or the hospital  has a policy of not letting sick people congregate together in the waiting room during a pandemic. No, that can’t be it. This woman read something online so she’s a medical genius now.

This comment said it all.

“I wanted to go return my stuff to Shaw’s. My boyfriend bought me flour that I couldn’t use because it wasn’t gluten free.”

As if there was any chance that she ate food that wasn’t gluten free. I’m sure Shaw’s can’t wait to give her a refund on flour that her flat brimmed boyfriend purchased during a pandemic.

She elected not to go to Shaw’s that day because, “I refuse to remain 6 feet apart from anyone. They’re losing my business for today.”

How dumb do you have to be to think that returning an item and leaving with money that you didn’t have before is the same thing as giving the store your business?

Today she posted a response video, whining that people were being mean to her crotch fruits.

“My kids have no health issues. When you talk about them you are the ultimate form of scum.”

Calling her a bad mother for not vaccinating her kid is not the same thing as crapping on her kids. But quite frankly her lecture about her children being healthier than everyone else’s because they haven’t died from polio yet isn’t exactly accurate. Because she doesn’t feed her poor children meat or dairy they look like they just got liberated from Buchenwald, based on her Facebook picsThat’s not talking badly about them, it’s talking badly about you.

She also doesn’t give them any medicine because “the body wasn’t meant to be on meds,” so her kids can just be in pain and eat another tofu calzone until it goes away. And of course she threw this one in there:

“God sees all, and he will see your nasty comments.”

That’s the vegan way of saying “Only God can judge.”

It’s too bad because there are legitimate reasons to question the way this is being handled. The projection for casualties was way off, the media is fear mongering by sharing videos of plus sized IG nurses lying about a lack of masks, deaths that might not have been caused by COVID are being classified as COVID deaths, and our civil liberties are being erased in front of our eyes.

But that doesn’t mean that the commie cold isn’t real, and the threat it poses certainly shouldn’t be minimized. And when people like Anita make videos like that they make it look like anyone who questions the government is a lunatic like her.


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