New Bedford Toilet Paper Saleswoman Also Has Arrest For Animal Cruelty, Multiple Evictions, Says She Reported TB To Police For False Info


Jill Martin was featured on TB Daily News yesterday for selling hoarded toilet paper in a New Bedford Facebook group, and did not appreciate the news coverage based on the message she sent to our inbox.

When your message changes from, “you been reported for false info to the police,” to “please delete the post,” to “where are you Abi,” you’ve officially gone through the three stages of Turtleboy regret.

You know you’re living in a great country when unemployed toilet paper saleswomen have the luxury of having an obesity problem. Although in fairness, when you live in New Bedford there are no shortage of thirsty dudes lining up to scale Mount Ratchusett.

Unfortunately Desk Girl has coronavirus so she couldn’t man the inbox with inappropriate questions about swimming in the lady’s pond. But we must now answer to the police for our deformation, because Chef Ployardee never sold toilet paper on Facebook.


She sent other people who shared it less flattering messages.

“Someone bought them all so if it was such a scam why they buy them?”

Because as we all know, if you pay money for something then it can’t possibly be a scam.

We wanted to get our FACKS straight, so we looked up some courthouse records and as it turns out we did leave out a lot. For instance, I failed to mention the many times she’s been hauled into housing court for not paying rent.

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I overlooked all the small claims cases and the A&B charge she managed to sneak in there.

But that was in the past right?

She’s changed now.

Except for her other Google trophies, which include more small claims and an animal cruelty charge as a cherry on the ratchet pie.

Her “fiance” Leroy Mosley is a real catch too, based off of his arrest two weeks ago at Market Basket for A&B.


According to the Facebook machine this is Chris Capelle, the roommate he assaulted outside of the grocery store.

Yes, that’s right – he pushed a member of the Lollipop Guild.

An animal abusing, free loading, toilet paper hoarding gravy dumpster shacking up with a some a guy who wears jorts all year round and a little person who they occasionally assault.  If that’s not a New Bedford love story I don’t know what is.


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