New Bedford Woman Posts Profanity Filled Outrage On Social Media Over Police Honoring Heroic Cop Who Died From COVID 


New Bedford Sgt. Michael Cassidy was a hero and a Marine Corps veteran, credited with saving many lives during his 27 year career as a police officer.

Unfortunately he died from COVID and police officers from all over the state honored him with an overwhelming show of support on the day of his funeral.

But one person had a problem with this. Meet Arielle Wilson from New Bedford.

Its pronouns are she/they.

Busty the Clown shared they thoughts about honoring Sgt Cassidy on Tiktok.

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“When a police officer dies, they feel the f***ing need to take up the whole public f***ing street. For one f***ing pig that’s dead. Disgusting.” 

Weird that she has a problem with a public road being taken up to honor one dead person. After all, she seemed to support widespread rioting and looting in public streets over the death of one career criminal and fentanyl addict in Minneapolis.

Funny how all the people who seem to hate the cops all tend to look like they’re mad at the world because their Stepdad Darrell drank the last of the Mountain Dew.

Unfortunately this 21 year old New Bedford lifer reproduced with some guy who looks like Lieutenant Dan post-Nam.

But she got mad at him a few months back for allegedly cheating on her though, and got her revenge by posting some semi-noodz on social media.

That will show him!

She claims that another one of the New Bedford Apostles kidnapped her when she was 17 and held her hostage after she found out that he was cheating on her with his 14 year old cousin.

If Disney ever makes a New Bedford princess movie, this will be the plot line.

She got no time for fake f***s.

She’s disgusted by the lack of morals going on around here.

Because someone who calls a dead police officer a pig is the ideal person to lecture others on morality.

And she’s also apparently a fan of TB and follows the Clarence Woods Emerson page.

Rule number one of TB – if you’re going to cast judgement on others for being ratchets, make sure you don’t do anything ratchet to end up on TB yourself.


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