New Bedford Woman Stabbed Multiple Times In Broad Daylight After Getting Jumped By 2 Crackheads 


Here’s a fun video to start your day out of New Bedford, featuring two tweekers fighting and then stabbing a plus pized pinata in broad daylight. (Watch the original video here on New Bedford Live)

Who wore it better?

The fight starts out in typical New Bedford fashion, with two crackheads picking a fight with a much larger woman, and having no intention whatsoever of letting them fight one on one.

And of course only in New Bedford does the responsible person not involved in the fight show up in flesh colored leggings.

This definitely wasn’t the first time that Meatball Moses has been jumped by a pair of 80 pound crack muppets, and she was holding her own pretty well.

Crackpipe Patty tried getting her in the headlock, but she simply didn’t have the strength to take her down.

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After realizing that gravity was not their friend Blow J Simpson pulled the switchblade out of her snatch, ran up to on her prey and stabbed her 4 times.

But it takes more than a few pokes to take down Meatball Moses. Blow J Simpson stood there in disbelief when she realized that Meatball Moses didn’t even acknowledge that she had in fact been stabbed, so she put her switchblade away and got the hell out of there realizing that her fight was futile.

Meanwhile Crack Pipe Patty hadn’t given up and was still trying to subdue her prey.

But Meatball Moses, who of course wasn’t wearing any shoes, stared her down and let her know that there would be consequences if this continued.

All Crackpipe Patty wanted was her bag of crack though, which she picked up and left with as soon as Meatball Moses had walked away.

There’s a 99% chance no one called the cops and no one went to the hospital. Meatball Moses just went home, threw a bag of frozen peas on her stab wounds, and carried on with her day like nothing happened. Because, this is New Bedford.


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