New Bedford Women Shouting “Free My Boy” As Police Haul Away Drug Dealer Threaten Lawsuit If Desk Girl Doesn’t Remove Blog About Their Family


Here’s a gem from 2017 that we did a couple blogs on. 

So you all caught the gem from our friends at the New Bedford Guide yesterday.

Two Foodstampopotamai hanging out the windows of a second-story window screaming,” Free my son, N—a!” This, of course, all happened while the police arrested the kid we thought they were flipping out about.

Turns out that they had absolutely nothing to do with the arrest of Rafeal Vega. Of course it didn’t! It’s New Bedford. They were actually screaming for the release of this fine specimen who stabbed a guy when his dog shit near his house.

Lenine dindu nuffin, while the dog in question, dindu doodoo. Everyone is innocent in NB! Which is probably why the community newspaper claps back!

It took next to no time for girlfriend Amanda Parvo, who was NB famous for a hot minute, when she ran away from home a while back, to admit that she was she one in the video. Turtleriders figured out the mom seconds later. The profiles are everything you thought they would be an more.

(SEE? PCA!) Elizabeth is the mother of the year. She has this uncanny ability to look like a bingo-winged thug in almost all of her photos. You can almost hear her grunting, like an EBT-sniffing truffle hog, while in her natural habitat.

“I’ve seen better legs on a discarded table,” said Turtlerider Tom, when he saw this.

That might be the greatest set of elbow bangs I’ve ever seen in my life. If she did the chicken dance she would actually take flight. It’s also totally normal to turn your back and scowl at the camera for all your family pictures. She looks like she’s on a Bone Thugs and Ratchetry album cover.

She, of course, thinks she is sexual chorizo. Note: the bear bong on the headboard.

She also had her wedding ceremony on Facebook. I now pronounce you Mr. & Mrs Wizop.

But I doubt that ceremony is going to help her immigration woes and save her from being deported: 

She also said that she was tired of her house being a drug den and was going to be cleaning up people hanging out. Sounds like she might be the one who snitched on Vega.


She thinks that criminals should get fines instead of jail time – and let the world know by sidewalk chalking it on the front of the courthouse steps:

Lenine’s father, Boston George, thinks that the only reason his kid is in jail is because Elizabeth snitched on him way back when for carrying a gun. He was sent back to his own county for it. They, of course, duked this all out of Facebook:

And of course we have the girlfriend who hung out a second-story window while braless and preggers:

Nothing says “she’s mine” like jamming a fist in her cooch. Romantic.

Now, I’m not totally sure that Amanda is even 18 yet. We know she’s pregnant with a baby we will all be taking care of and went missing in 2015 at the age of 16. Something tells me this is the house she was hiding out at.

These two government cheesehogs live on the second floor. Grandmama ratchet, who owns the house, lives on the first floor. The fentanyl-selling queefbag, under arrest that day, lives on the third. Sounds like a great place to raise many kids from many baby daddies.

It’s like Welfare Abuse Farm. Where only the finest meats and cheeses come from.
We had one Turtlerider chime in who knew these slobs.

Well, my head is spinning. Who knew this pair was going to be the giving tree of trashy tales.

Part 2

Amanda Pavao, the pregnant teenage Foodstampopotamus from this weekend’s hit video, is pissed off. She decided to message us so that we know she’s taking us to small claims court. Manning the messages, as usual, was Desk Girl freshly out of the gyno stirrups and ready to make friends!

Let’s take a look at the Foodstampopotamus now. Seems she’s mated with the male EBT-sniffing Truffle Swine to make some kind of hybrid hood spawn for state care. (Be careful, they have been known to attack chubby gingers when making up crimes you can be charged with. Especially when you say mean words about their poor behavior on the Internet)

Alright, let’s start off with a good belly-laugh about her taking us to small claims court. That’s new. How bow nah. The only contact we have with her is one where she keeps being a trash bag and we keep laughing at her. Plus, Wapner died, Fam.


She has a problem with the New Bedford Guide because their coverage is why her baby daddy was apprehended. She thinks, just because she disagrees with them, they are printing lies. Too bad it’s a fact she was a runaway because her parents couldn’t control her.  It’s a fact that her baby daddy stabbed some dude over a dog pooping in his yard.  It’s a fact that they caused a scene screaming racial slurs in front of a news reporter. Oh, and Amanda, they don’t need your consent to film your stupid ass hanging out the window acting like you were raised under a bridge. Even Abi, who is as smart as a shaker of Adobo, saw that you knew you were being filmed.  You see, if you had just stayed inside, minded your own business, and let the police do their job (after Bae’s mom snitched on her tennant) none of this would be happening. Because then you’ll blame us when your family sees how well you’re doing for yourself:



Now, we’ve been told we can be charged with some insane crimes in the past. Cyber-bullying, harassment, deformation, but this “dehumanization” thing is a new one.

So, the leading factor of how genocide happens. I mean, we did suggest Ratchet Island but we aren’t calling for Foodstamp Camps. Can you file criminal dehumanization charges at the New Beford Police Station or can any slur-screaming ratchet just walk in to the United Nations to bitch about being dissssrespektid?

I’m not sure what was funnier to me. A hoodie incubator accusing us of war crimes or Deskie calling that cheesehog she lives with pretty.

Yeah, she’s pretty… For sexual linguica. She’s the greasiest tube of meat we’ve ever seen. Just a reminder:

#triggered. Mr. Turtlegirl is still having a hard time getting it up after reading the last blog  featuring all her tantalizing photographs. So, in fact, I should be the one threatening a lawsuit on them because she ruined any chance of us having another little turtle.

LOLZ. No, he won’t be. That’s his trial date and he’s going to be a pin cusion while you’re raising that kid with his ogre -looking mother. But Amanda believes in equality for everyone. She’s not a racist, even though she’s a white girl, and openly uses the N word.

She’s allowed to bark the most horrid of all slurs because she decided she could. If the African American community can say it then she’s allowed to. It doesn’t matter if it puts her, and her unborn offspring, at risk. She doesn’t give a fuck! I’m pretty sure that is exactly what a bad mother is.

…… and she finally settles with the harassment claims. Although, Deskie has a great point. What are you supposed to do with that string?

Amanda never filled out the form and made her way over to our Facebook page. Seems that Elizabeth Quino has had her fair share of embarrassment on Facebook for stupid shit. You know, like shoving pet supplies in her snizz, while with her children, and then having the store create a flier to call her out:

Amanda felt the need to chime in and Turtleriders Barbs and Pam were there to give their sound advice as always:

So rude.



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