New Hampshire Father Using 9 Year Old Daughter To Monetize Tik Tok Channel Owes $18K In Child Support, Recently Went To Jail For Securities Fraud


This is Michael Bates, formerly of Salem, NH, who currently lives in Reading.

In 2019 he was convicted of securities fraud and sentenced to 6 months in prison in New Hampshire. He duped a friend of his (his son’s basketball coach) in 2015 into investing $50,000 into a company and promised big dividends that never came. He pretended to have a silent partner and a bookkeeper, and got several payments from his friend over months, knowing that his friend would never see the money again. His friend believed that he was wealthy and knew what he was doing because he drives a Maserati, wears flashing clothing, and was raising three kids.

His 6 month sentence was suspended pending appeal, which he lost. He finally reported to prison in February 2021, where he sat until July. After getting out of prison he posted on Facebook how the year had flown by, while making no reference to the fact that he was incarcerated.

It was not his first time committing securities fraud either. While he solicited “investment” cash from his son’s basketball coach he was already under investigation by the Bureau of Securities Regulation for defrauding two other people with an LLC called Katopher, which listed its primary business purpose as “Management, Consulting, Trading and Option Trading, Public Speaking, Coordination.” In 2010 he swindled two more people out of $10,000 and $38,000 investments. He lied to them, told them their investments were growing, and lived off the cash. He was ultimately ordered to pay restitution for those.

He also made headlines in 2019 when boxes of printers were stacked up outside his abandoned house in Salem, and was ordered to clean it up.

He currently owes over $18,000 in child support and is frequently delinquent. However, he portrays himself on Tik Tok, Facebook, and YouTube as a loving father. He’s smart enough to realize that no one has any interest in following a pathetic man in his mid 40’s who dances alone in his apartment, which is why he started a channel called Mike and Mia with his 9 year old daughter, because she attract likes and attention.

However, just like everyone who comes into his life, his daughter is only useful to him for economic reasons.  There are hundreds of videos on the Mike and Mia Tik Tok channel, most of which have Mia in them, but many of which are just him dancing by himself. The videos even continued while he was in prison as he had his son continue to post for him, because…priorities. The account has over 95,000 followers, but suspiciously each video usually gets less than 1,000 views, indicating that these are most likely purchased followers that he bought in order to fool his followers into believing he is more popular and relevant than he actually is.

A grown man dancing alone in his apartment to “wet ass pussy.”


Unfortunately his daughter is too young to understand what a loser father is, and enjoys spending time with him because they get to make Tik Tok videos and have fun. It’s the primary reason why the ex-con has any custody of her at all, despite owing child support to his ex-wife. This video is about how he teaches Mia how a lady should be treated.

However, I find that a great way to treat a lady is to pay child support and not go to jail. Different strokes.

His video on how to treat a lady also doesn’t mention mocking your ex-wife for having multiple sclerosis, which he did the day before he went to jail in February, along with warning her that he was going to “fight” her when he got out of court.

Despite crapping on her for having MS he did set up an extremely vague, and likely fraudulent GoFundMe in 2015 (the year he scammed his son’s coach out of $50K), claiming to raise money for “see money to manufacture a brand product for awareness for MS.” It only raised $2,200 of the $25,000 goal.

Mike’s ex-wife wants her daughter off Tik Tok, and would like less parenting time for him. This is understandable since her daughter is being exploited by a criminal who doesn’t really care about her well being. Since no one in real life will vouch for him Mike had to go on Tik Tok and get his followers to write up bootleg after Davids in the comments before a child support hearing, telling the judge to let this 9 year old girl stay on Tik Tok.

A good father would honor the wishes of his ex-wife with MS, who he owes $18K in child support to, and recently left her alone to raise the children while he went to jail. But Michael Bates is a horrible father and a self-centered con-artist who sees his daughter as a tool for monetization.

He’s also in no position to teach his daughter how a lady should be treated, considering his most recent ex-girlfriend has a restraining order out on him after he threatened, harassed, and made fake Only Fans accounts for her.



His ex’s are all hot, and he’s conned them the same way he did his friends who invested in his scams – by claiming to be an entrepreneur, driving fancy cars, wearing flashy clothes, and being a good salesman. It’s all part of his grift. The most recent ex got an apartment in her name, and after they broke up Bates ended up squatting there for months, leaving her with the bill. She also heard from other women he had swindled and conned.



His most recent girlfriend is named Mattie, who has an Only Fans account that states that it is owned by Bates’ most recent fraudulent company, Agency X.

In other words, he’s her pimp.

Mike Bates doesn’t just screw over friends and women he’s dating though, he also does it to his own children. His oldest son is 22, and before going to jail he used his son’s social security number to rent a nice apartment, which stayed in his son’s name while he went to prison. His son later found out what happened and is now facing tremendous debt.

He makes Tik Toks bashing his victims for being jealous haters, and uses his daughter as a prop to call out said “haters.”

He made another Tik Tok claiming that his ex, who has a restraining order on him as a result of his dangerous and threatening behavior, wanted to get back with him. But he sadly had to tell her that he was “gonna do me.”

And when he says “gonna do me,” he means this.


Despite having no money for child support he can somehow afford to fly around the country.




His 17 year old son does not like to be used for his promotional Tik Toks like his daughter does, and has requested that his father remove this video.

Of course he has not, because to a narcissist like this children are just assets you can use to promote yourself while destroying their credit score. His entire online persona revolves around him being the fun loving cool Dad, so his children will have to be used as props against their will and like it. This is the same son that he allegedly bought a car for before going to jail, and then took it back when his car was taken from him after getting out of prison.

But wait, it gets better. This is social media influencer JT Laybourne.

JT is a completely harmless guy whose brand spreads positivity and aims to make people smile. He has over 1.5 million followers on Tik Tok, 175,000 on IG, and 17,000 on Facebook. Thus he was the perfect target for Mike Bates to take advantage of. Bates used his sizable, but likely fake following on the Mike and Mia Tik Tok account to build clout and make it seem like he was more influential and successful than he was. He got in touch with JT and offered him a business opportunity, in which he would set up an online merch store where JT could sell his products and Mike’s company would make them, send them out, collect the money, and give JT his cut. Except JT never got paid and none of the customers got their merch. When Mike got out of jail in July he made a video denying that it was his job to send the merch, claimed that JT was just jealous, and said that he was the victim of bullying.

Everything about this man is a con.

Yet he keeps getting away with it, and the courts allow it to happen. At his sentencing he even conned the judge.

“I will pay him back every dime,” he said.

Bates told the court about his personal problems that included splitting up with his wife, a custody battle over his two children, the fight with the town of Salem over cleaning up the printer mess and other trash, and how he was even homeless for a short period.

“I’ve always been a hard working family man who always gives back,” he told the judge.

He never paid every dime, and he has never been a hard working family man. It’s just the online image he’s created of himself that he uses to monetize

People like Mike Bates cannot be rehabilitated because the narcissist is incapable of self-reflection and blames everyone else for their problems. He will never get a real job, and will always pretend like he’s working on his next big project.

People like this will use anyone who is useful to them and are incapable of real love. Like her brothers, one day Mia will grow up and realize the monster her father is.



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