New Hampshire Man With 4 Previous Domestic Violence Arrests Charged With Kidnapping Girlfriend For 5 Days With Mom, Never Went To Jail


If you think Massachusetts courts are bad, wait until you read about this asshole right here:

His name is Alec Blazek, he’s from Brentwood, NH with a long and documented history of abusing women, and he was just arrested along with his ma dukes after kidnapping his girlfriend for five days.

A 24-year-old man with a history of abusing women was arrested alongside his mother after his girlfriend was held captive in their home for five days, according to police. Alec Blazek, of 34 Doiron Road, is facing five counts of domestic violence simple assault, a separate count of domestic violence strangulation, and a count of kidnapping, according to Windham police. Felisa Blazek, 49, is charged with kidnapping.

Windham police Capt. Mike Caron said the mother and son, who live together, are accused of holding Blazek’s girlfriend against her will from Monday, Feb. 10 until Saturday, Feb. 15. During that time, Alec Blazek is accused of physically assaulting her. Police did not release the victim’s name. The Blazeks were driving with the victim Feb. 15 when she jumped out of the car at the intersection of Zachary Crossing and Route 111, which is near the Windham-Salem line, according to police.

“She was running down the street and a passerby saw her and drove her to Salem PD,” Caron said.


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This abusive maggot has abused four women, starting at the age of 15. In each case he avoided jail by taking a plea deal from a judge who thought he was a good boy who just needed to take it easy on the whole domestic violence thing. He had a total of 24 charges against him prior to this incident.

In 2014, when Blazek was 18, a judge dismissed charges of second-degree assault, criminal threatening with a deadly weapon, burglary and simple assault. He was ordered to participate in a diversion program, used in the court system as an alternative to incarceration. 

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He was arrested earlier the same year in Sandown for DWI and negligent driving. After pleading guilty to the lesser charge, the DWI was dismissed and Blazek paid a $310 fine to close the case.

Court documents detail another case from February 2015 when Blazek was 19 and arrested in Brentwood for second-degree assault, resisting arrest and domestic violence simple assault. Judge Marguerite Wageling ruled that Blazek would not be sent to the House of Corrections if he was on good behavior for two years, completed a Batterers Intervention Program, underwent other counseling and did not have any contact with the victim. Blazek was 22 at the time and took a familiar plea deal that kept him out of jail.

Four years later, in November 2019, he was arrested when another victim had a similar experience. Court records list the charges as stalking domestic violence, domestic violence simple assault, false imprisonment and obstructing a report of domestic violence. When Blazek admitted to two of the stalking charges, Judge Amy Messer suspended jail time under the conditions that he was on good behavior for three years, underwent mental health treatment and did not have any contact with the victim.

An August 2019 case in Brentwood District Court ended with a guilty plea for domestic violence simple assault and disorderly conduct. Blazek’s jail sentence was suspended given he remained on good behavior for two years, complied with treatment and did not have contact with the victim.

Just to review:

  • Assault, using a deadly weapon and burglary were all dismissed with a slap on the wrist when he was 18
  • Got out of a DUI by taking a plea and paying a fine when he was 18
  • The next year at the age of 19 he caught a domestic violence charge and resisting arrest and but did not go to jail
  • August 2019 he plead guilty to a domestic violence charge and received a suspended jail sentence so long as he remained on his best behavior for two more years
  • However, three months later he was once again arrested for domestic violence and false imprisonment, and despite the suspended sentence hanging over his head he was not sent to jail, but received another suspended sentence of three years instead

Apparently a suspended sentence in New Hampshire means absolutely nothing. You can literally do whatever you want and there are no consequences. And because of these forgiving judges this sociopath was allowed to victimize another woman. Almost as if he’s shown that this is just kind of who he is.

These people are very wealthy too. Here’s how they live.

But Mom, who allowed this crime to occur, gets a pass because she once saved France from the terrorists and cured cancer with a Facebook filter.

According to sources this was an an abusive relationship, and he threatened to kill the victim if she ever left him. Because of his past history of violence she thought this was credible and was too scared to leave. The mother witnessed the abuse and did nothing to help her. She’s also allowed her son to become the monster that he is because her home lacked discipline. When kids are taught that they can hurt other people without consequences, they grow up to be adults who do the same. We all love our children, but enabling criminal behavior is not an act of love. Turning them into the police so they’re not a threat to themselves or other innocent people is an act of love that Mom should’ve exercised.


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