Poor Behavior

New Hampshire Music Teacher Intentionally Excludes Kindergarten Girl In Wheelchair From Participating In School Concert


I don’t think I’ve ever been more disgusted than I am right now after watching this little girl from Lisbon, NH in a wheelchair getting intentionally excluded from participating in singing with other children at some sort of school concert. Watch this:

That’s not Wright’s Chicken Farm at all. At first I thought that maybe the music teacher made a mistake and forgot about the poor girl, but she looked right at her and smiled as she was intentionally excluded:

The girl is holding a bluebird while they sing a song about a bluebird, so perhaps this was the teacher’s way of attempting to include her, but it failed miserably and she should’ve known it would. What is wrong with a person’s brain who thinks this was OK? There was a million different ways to include her in that circle. Her arms work, so she could’ve held hands, and not all of the kids moved around during the song. She could’ve sat in that circle, held hands, sang along, and had the time of her life. But instead they left her on the outside, awkwardly staring out at the audience because she was the only one who couldn’t participate.


That’s the Principal in the background on his phone.

Life for this poor girl is already a million times harder than it is for the rest of the kids in her class. The teacher should go out of her way to include this girl and brighten her day. She should be setting example to the girl’s classmates about how to be kind, compassionate, and inclusive. Instead she did the opposite. It must be so depressing for a kid like this, who has all the energy and desire to run around as any other kid, but just can’t because her legs won’t do what her brain wants them to do.

I realize the power this blog has to get people outraged and direct their anger towards a single person or group. I realize that watching this video will provoke the same emotions in others that it did in me. But I do not want this teacher to become another Monica Cannon-Grant, or one of the other thousands of ratchets we’ve profile who is INTENTIONALLY evil. I will give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s just a moron who needs serious professional development about how to accommodate special needs students. The fact that she thought the optics of turning her back to this child, and keeping her out of that circle was acceptable because she gave her a bluebird to play with instead, tells me that she has no training or common sense. For now I will give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s not pure evil, but what we saw in that video was a failing of the teacher, the principal, and the Lisbon Public Schools as a whole.


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