New Hampshire State Rep Shares Biologically Questionable Tweet About Why Joe Biden Could Not Have Sexually Assaulted Tara Reade


Richard Komi (no relation to the African warlord that Facebook killed in 2012 by changing profile pictures) is a freshman New Hampshire State Representative.

In New Hampshire State Reps are elected i groups of three based on their county, and because he represents Manchester all three spots were won by democrats.

Sucks to be this guy.

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Dicky Komi is a huge supporter of Joe Biden, and endorsed him long before he was the presumptive candidate of the Democratic party.


Biden has been credibly accused by a former Senate aide named Tara Reade of giving her the fishhook in a Senate hallway back in 1993. According to her he got a little handsy, as he’s been known to do, and he reached into her skirt and did some exploring without her consent.

Reade is a registered democrat, refuses to give an interview on Fox News because she doesn’t want her accusation to appear to be politically motivated, doesn’t have attorneys representing her, hasn’t made a dime off of this, has an exact date and time of the alleged incident, her mother called into Larry King to talk about it in 1993, and she has friends who have come forward to confirm her story.

Basically, she has everything that Christine Blasey-Ford didn’t have when she accused Kavanaugh.

Do I think Joe Biden should step down from the race for President? No. Because he’s innocent until proven guilty, and unlike every hack who pretended to care about women or sexual assault back in September 2018, I’m consistent.

Richard Komi had a slightly different take on why he thought Biden shouldn’t step down.

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Richard N. Komi. Vaginal expert.

Just to review Mr. Komi’s biological lesson:

  • The female vagina, as opposed to the male vagina, is in an awkward position that makes so called “fingerblasting” relatively difficult
  • In order to digitally penetrate the female vagina you must obtain the full cooperation of said vagina, so that it physically moves itself, or opens, in order to grant entry to Sleepy Joe’s fingers
  • Tara Reade’s vagina likely did not cooperate in 1993, as her vagina is well known to avoid being a team player
  • Therefore she is a lying whore

This guy clearly lost his virginity on his wedding night and skipped all the other bases along the way. There’s no other way to explain how he reached this conclusion, unless he he’s never felt the warm sensation of third base.

The fact that anyone like this can get elected says a lot about the Manchester electorate. But when you think about it, what he said is nothing more than a less refined version of what Kirsten Gillibrand, Stacy Abrams, Elizabeth Warren, Governor Gretchen “Karen Whitmer,” Nancy Pelosi, and several other prominent Biden supporters have said.


Governor Karen out in Michigan literally said that “every claim is not equal.”


This is just a more dignified way of saying that the vagina requires cooperation, and Tara Reade is a no good lying Russian asset whore. The difference between them and Dicky Komi is that he’s foreign and doesn’t understand the nuances of American bullshitting. These are the same people who lost their minds when Christine Blasey-Ford brought forth an unconfirmed allegation that she was dry humped for five seconds by Brett Kavanaugh in high school. Despite any evidence, proof of several lies, and the fact that she was politically motivated, they all blindly “believed” her story because she had a vagina and we had to “believe women.”

I’ll never forget how ridiculous that was, and I was waiting for something like this to happen to see how they’d react. They had no problem throwing Al Franken under the bus, along with everyone in Hollywood, so clearly liberals were fair game too. But Al Franken wasn’t running against Donald Trump. And these people will literally sell their souls to take down Donald Trump.

This is actually a very fair story on Tara Reade in Buzzfeed. She says she feels betrayed by these people because she looked up to them and supported them, and now they’re all calling her a liar. Because let’s face the facts – if you still support Biden, then it means you think she’s lying. Same goes for all the Republicans who were too cowardly to call Ford a liar two years ago. One person is telling the truth. If you believe them then it means the other person is lying. There is no middle ground.

I have no problem with democrats who are standing with Biden because there is no proof the assault happened. But if you believe Biden and not Kavanaugh then you have to admit that you are a partisan hack who never actually cared about Christine Blasey-Ford, nor did you ever “believe women.” You just want your team to win, and you’re willing to smear anyone who gets in the way of that. We need more Richard Komi’s in politics quite frankly.

Komi has since resigned since the tweet, but all he did was say what every other democrat is saying in a biologically incorrect manner.


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