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New Hampshire “Transgender” Boy Qualifies For New England Championship After 4th Place Finish At State Meet, Displaces Girls


This is Maelle Jacques, a freshman at Kearsarge Regional High School in North Sutton, NH.

Maelle is a boy, who identifies as a girl, despite not only being a male, but choosing the made up name Maelle. Even his last name is both a boy’s name, and an article of clothing that supports male genitalia.

Being a boy, Maelle has gone through boy puberty and is noticeably taller and stronger than the girls that he now runs against in track. He ran a 5:26 mile at the State Championships, which wouldn’t have even qualified for the meet if he ran as what he really is – a boy. Freshman boys who run 5:26 miles are a dime a dozen.

But since Maelle has declared that he is femaelle, he finished in fourth in the girls meet. This is significant for two reasons:

  1. His girl’s team got 5 points towards their team score.
  2. The top 6 girls in each event qualify for the New England Championship, which meant that Brooke Bouchard of Hollis-Brookline Regional would’ve qualified if she ran against a field exclusively of other girls.

Maelle is also a freshman, and his body will grow a lot stronger and faster than other girls over the next three years. This was just the beginning. Records will be falling in the years to come.

Watch Maelle three weeks ago at the Wilderness Championships shamelessly blow away the field of girls at the 1:28:00 mark.

Boy, it’s really hard to tell which one has balls.

Just listen to this shameless brat brag about his accomplishments at that meet, where Kearsarge finished second over all, and he also placed 5th in the high jump.


“I was just trying to keep it low stress, not use too much energy since state’s is Wednesday.”

Ya got that? It was such a given that he would win this meet that he could conserve his energy for the State Championship meet. And in the fall he’s gonna be playing goalie for the girl’s soccer team, where he will have an obvious advantage due to the fact that male puberty has made his arms and legs much longer than the girls.

Maelle went on this weekend to finish in a personal best of 5:16 at the New England Championships, good for 14th place overall.

It should be noted that there is a ceiling for girl’s athletes, and often in distance running they peak freshman or sophomore year. A sophomore girl running a 4:56 mile only has so much room for improvement. No matter how hard she trains she will find it difficult to ever break 4:50.

But boys almost always get better with age. A boy running a 5:16 mile as a freshman can easily go under 5 minutes as a sophomore, and if he works hard enough get well under 4:40 by the time he’s a senior. Maelle’s ceiling is significantly higher, not because he works harder or wants it more, but because he has XY chromosomes.

Conversely, these are the boys times from the same meet:

Funny how we never see female athletes run against male athletes and have the same level of success. Almost as if there’s something about biological sex that gives boys some sort of advantage over girls.

Why hasn’t the New Hampshire State Legislature done something about this? Both the House of Representatives and Senate are controlled by Republicans. The governor is allegedly a Republican. Banning boys from girls sports is a no-brainer issue that even many liberals agree with. This is a major cultural issue that’s being debated nationwide, and many states like New Hampshire have banned it from happening. Someone should write legislation and get it passed and signed before Maelle can beat up on girls in soccer next year. New Hampshire is also the first Presidential primary, and all Republican candidates should be using this injustice in their campaign.

Some will say that the other girls should just refuse to compete against boys, and although I do agree with that sentiment, it’s just not going to happen. We shouldn’t have to count on 14 year old girls to be our civil rights leaders. We should be protecting them with legislation.

Anyway, sports is the most obvious area where transgenderism gets exposed for the fraud that it is, but it’s not enough to just reject transgenderism in sports. We need to reject it all together. A boy can never become a girl, no matter how many hormones he takes, or how many surgeries he gets. “Gender affirming care” is an Orwellian term that communists have adopted in order to urge children to hate themselves and try to be someone they’re not. Real gender affirming care would teach children to accept themselves for who they are, not reject it and play Frankenstein with their body. You can chop of your dick and make a vagina replica out of spare tissue, but you will never produce eggs, you will never have a female orgasm, you will never have the capacity to become pregnant, and you will never menstruate. You will never be a real woman. Ever.

Allowing kids like Maelle to beat up on girls in sports hurts other girls who get displaced by him, but it also hurts kids like Maelle too, who are taught that the only way they can ever be happy is to reject their true identity. If a kid hated being black every day and wanted to be white we wouldn’t cater to it. If a kid didn’t like their arm and wanted to chop it off we would not help them do that. If a kid is 80 pounds because they have an eating disorder, but thinks they’re fat and wants to be skinnier, we don’t encourage them to keep losing weight.

But yet the official platform of the Democratic party is that we must celebrate as boys like Maelle beat up on girls and do things to their body with the false promise that it will make them female. These kids need serious psychological help, not a bunch of grownups lying to them about who they really are.



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  1. This is totally wrong.
    I recently saw a video of a congressional hearing. They congressman asked the expert if it was fair and they said yes. He then asked him if he knows who Mike Tyson was. They said yes.
    If Mike Tyson identified as a woman and fought exclusively women, do you think that would be a fair fight?
    The expert could not even put together a response.

  2. Here’s a fun scenario , kiddies!!! Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, Mike Tyson wakes up tomorrow, and decides he identifies as a female. AND he wants to be allowed to box against women.
    Do we allow Michelle Tyson to get in a ring with a real female?
    A trained fighter, no matter what discipline ( Boxing, Martial Arts, MMA), WE ARE ALL trained that there is no “play fighting”. You get in the ring, and it is ON.
    I’d love to see how that would play out.

    1. A similar scenario has actually already occurred. Look up Fallon Fox. He has a habit of breaking women’s orbital bones.

  3. TB please don’t use this “identifies as a girl” language, as it insidiously plays into the hands of these left wing nut jobs. By saying he’s a man that “identifies” as a girl you are suggesting that one can identify as something. It’s simply not the case. It may seem subtle or like I’m splitting hairs, but it’s extremely important as they are attacking language itself. The proper statement would be “a boy who CLAIMS he is a girl” or “thinks he is…” Or “pretends to be…”. By using “identify” you are casually capitulating to their language games. Thank you.

    1. I don’t know, that one doesn’t bother me too much. I read it to mean that he is claiming to be a girl. Stating that someone has made a claim makes no judgement on whether the claim is true or not. It’s clear based on the rest of the article that TB rejects the claim, as we all should.

      On the other hand, I’m totally with you on language choice in general. Terms like “transwoman”, “chestfeeder”, etc enable the massive lie that humans can change sex. But I’d be very surprised if we ever see language like that from Doctor Turtle in anything other than a sarcastic tone.

  4. I hope people start taking a stand against this. You never see girls changing to boys and joining their teams. They are ALWAYS mediocre boys who decide they want to beat up on girls just to get a win. The only way to make things truly fair for all would be to have trans leagues.

    1. The only way to keep it fair, is to have boys compete against boys and girls compete against girls, period, and forget about all of this “transgender” nonsense!

  5. This kid has mental illness. His parents and other sick and pathetic adults are to blame

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