New Hampshire Woman Calls Massachusetts Elementary School To Alert Them That A 6 Year Old Had COVID 6 Months Ago


This is Lyndsey Phaneuf from Sandown, NH.


She’s a mother who spends most of her days trolling the Internet and likes to harass small children at school. She’s a member of some local Facebook groups dedicated to doxxing people by showing their private conversations, and last week she commented underneath a screenshot of a 6 month old text message between people she doesn’t know, about a child who tested positive for COVID in September.

Keep in mind, Lyndsey does not know any of these people, and she doesn’t know the context of the conversation. In reality, they were referring to a 6 year old girl who tested positive for COVID after being in school all week, and the parent pointed out that the child probably infected other students prior to testing positive since asymptomatic humans can spread COVID-19.

Naturally then Lyndsey (who goes by Lynn Ann on Facebook) decided to contact this child’s school and let them know a kid 6 months ago tested positive for the virus and then followed public health protocols.

Contacting a school in a state you don’t live in to alert them that a kid had COVID 6 months ago might be the biggest Karen move I’ve ever seen from a person since the pandemic began. If you ever find that you have the time to do something like this then you likely have entirely too much time on your hands. Discussing other people’s children and harassing them at their school is not normal behavior. But doing it months later because you don’t like a blog, and you saw a screenshot on a Facebook page you follow, is psychotic.

The irony here is that Lyndsey has actually been sending me story ideas for a few years, asking me to shame school districts that force mask mandates on kids, as well as the Raymond, NH Police and bootleg Avenatti Attorney Robert Fojo.


But wait, how can kids spread coronavirus in school if they were being abused with force masking by people like Lyndsey?

Newsflash – you can have COVID for days and not know it. You can spread COVID without knowing you even had it. That’s obviously what happened here, and after the child tested positive they were forced by the public health guidelines to stay home for 9 more days. But before they tested positive they were in school, had the virus, and easily could’ve spread it to others. That’s how a pandemic works.

But COVID Karens like Lyndsey like to feel better about themselves by blaming the pandemic on other people while lecturing them about public health. Obviously she is a model for health.

That’s why her biggest claim to fame up until this point was finishing in second place in a pie eating contest.

“We need to stop the spread and make healthy choices so we don’t overwhelm the hospitals.”


You would think that Lyndsey has better things to do than harass other people’s children at school, considering she pimps out her own kid with fundraisers to go to Nashville and be a beauty queen on the Facebook page she runs.

She also likes to capitalize off the disappearance of 7 year old Harmony Montgomery by soliciting donations to her Cashapp for decals, but swears there’s no profit being made.

Just randomly selling decals for a girl whose family she has no affiliation with.

Lyndsey has a lot of business judging other people too, considering she dates violent felons like Keith Shane MacLeod right after he got out of prison.



Pro tip – worry about your own kids.


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