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New London Mother Defends Son Who’s Wanted For Sexual Assault And Injuring Minors, Threatens People Who Criticize Him On Facebook


This is Carlos Davila from New London, CT.

As you can see from the manbun, gang signs, and unearned sense of pride, he likely aspires be a YouTube rapper one day and probably drives a Honda Civic.

This is his Ma Dukes Katherine Lopez.

If your Mom was born in the same decade as you, never went to a parent-teacher conference even though you were failing all your classes, uses dog filter, and all your family pictures involve at least one of you chucking the bird, you were destined to one day end up on Turtleboy. And she was destined to be called Abuela by the time she turned 30.

Manuel Manbun is currently wanted by the Monvtille Police Department for criminal attempt to commit sexual assault in the second degree, and two counts of risk of injury to a minor.

Let’s see what Senorita Snatch Trap had to say about that.

If you ever find yourself feeling the need to go on Facebook and share your son’s wanted poster for sexual assault, you should probably reconsider all the ways you failed as a parent.

“You don’t know the f***ing situation.”

Well, I know he’s a fugitive from justice because he tried and failed to rape someone, and somewhere in there he tried to injure a minor. I know that charges like this don’t just magically appear, and there’s probably a decent amount of evidence tying him to it. I also know that this is hardly a surprising outcome, as I can tell just by looking at him that he was raised by a guttermuppet with no values.

The “I got no savings but it’s cool cuz I got 8 pairs of Jordans” mafia agreed with her that Manuel Manbun dindu nuffin.


Trying to take his identity? Trust me, if you’re gonna steal someone’s identity it’s not gonna be the guy with the 350 credit score who diddles minors.

Momma loves him at least.

So he’s got that going for him.

She also went hard at the haters who weren’t at all surprised that her rapey offspring couldn’t keep it in his pants.

She must be a good Mom because she uses an asterisk when telling strangers on the Internet to eat a dick. Wouldn’t want to subject your children to foul language.

Meanwhile Carlos himself was mocking Kyle Rittenhouse on Facebook a couple months ago.

Probably because Kyle likes to kill rapists.

The bottom line is that shitty parents raise shitty kids to become shitty adults. Raise your kids right and they won’t end up wanted by the police for sexual assault and harming minors.


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