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Newburyport Girls Berate Cop They Asked For Help Arresting Man Who Assaulted Them At BLM Defund The Police Protest


Newburyport would seem to be the idea place for a black lives matter protest, so long as you didn’t want any black people to attend. The north shore beach town is 93% white, and just 1% black. And over the weekend a small protest was interrupted by a man with a dangling male fupa, who stole one of their signs and hit them with it. The protesters immediately ran to the closest detail cop and demanded he arrest the man who stole their sign, not seeing the irony that they were protesting on behalf of an organization that wants to abolish the police and prisons. They claim, without evidence, that the detail cop asked them why they wanted his help if they wanted to defund the police, at which point they began filming and berating him. Watch this video and try not to laugh. If she deletes it I saved a copy.

This is the sound of what irrational, entitled screaming white girls who have never been told “no” sound like when they figure out why getting rid of police is a poorly thought out idea.

“He literally just assaulted her. Why are you a cop if you’re not gonna do your job?”


“He assaulted her. He literally just grabbed an innocent woman. What’s wrong with you!? That is a crime. That is illegal. And it’s your job to do something about it.”

“He assaulted a woman. Smacked her in the f***ing face.”

“Fuck you dude, what’s your badge number? You see somebody get assaulted and you do nothing? You say defund the police then?”

“Where’s your mask? You’re a f***ing child. Jesus Christ!”

Pro tip – if you want people to take you seriously, don’t have purple hair.

I’m not gonna crap on these girls because they’re in high school and don’t know any better, but their parents have completely failed them. If my kids ever shriek at a police officer like that, demand his badge number, and tell him to do a job that he literally just did (arrest male fupa), then they’re going to get a stern talking to from Daddy TB.

I highly doubt the cop said that, but even if he did, who cares? It’s hilarious and ironic that they’d ask for a cop the second they ran into some trouble. The moment a white woman experienced a problem their immediate reaction was to call the police. If the cop made a comment it doesn’t matter because he ended up doing his job anyway by arresting fupa Bob Ryan in all his glory.

I just want to know what his thought process was when deciding what shirt to wear out. Sure, this one is three sizes too small, but if you’re that confident in your body you just have to go for it.

The commentary on the Newburyport Facebook group where they organized the protest is priceless too.

White northern Becky’s who say “y’all” and “folks” will be forced into labor camps when I become emperor.

Mandy here wants to defund the police based on a video in which a police officer did his job, presumably because she prefers a scenario in which women are on their own when they get attacked by violent men.

But Gwenna Emerson wants to take it one step further and abolish the cops.

If her name sounds familiar it’s because she was featured on TB last year after I infiltrated a Mount Holyoke College Facebook group and found out that she was one of several women planning on disrupting a Western Mass Police graduation ceremony.

Her mother was then featured in a follow up blog after Heather Emerson called TB racist and blamed me for the fact that her be-freckled cabbage patch daughter was unemployable.

The fact that this woman who has always hated police is the brainchild behind “abolish the police,” despite having the privilege of growing up in a wealthy beach town where she was featured in the Huffington Post for going clamming, is the least surprising turn of events ever.

“We learn something new every time we come, like how to open clams,” said Gwenna Emerson, of Newburyport.


Now she wants the officer to be “named and shamed” for doing his job, and claims that the cops work for her because she pays their salaries.

Newsflash – you don’t get to say you pay cops’ salaries if you live with your Mom and pay nothing in taxes.

Of course she’s going to school to be a social worker, and has never had a job before, but that doesn’t stop her from being an expert on how to handle situations like this one. I’m shocked these girls didn’t call for Gwenna or another available social worker instead of a cop so they could talk to fupa Bob Ryan about his feelings. Aren’t social workers supposed to be ideal for situations just like this one?

Someone did recognize Gwenna from Turtleboy and she did what people always do when they get outed by TB.

The usual meaningless gibberish.

“I was doxxed.”

No you weren’t.

“I got death threats from white supremacists.”

No you didn’t.

“TB is a child molester.”

No I’m not. But you sure look like someone who has a lifetime ban from Chuck E Cheese.

The Newburyport News ended up writing about it, but she didn’t approve of the coverage because they didn’t mention what the cop said, even though it wasn’t recorded on video.

Then a “reporter” showed up and said she wanted to smear the cop.

“Love this generation, they are passionate and they ACT!”

Shutup Deirdre. You’re the problem. Stop telling these kids that they’re special when they’re not the least bit interesting or revolutionary. They’re joining a cause that’s endorsed by Netflix and Chick Fil-A. That’s the least revolutionary thing you can possibly do. They don’t “act.” They throw tantrums like the one seen in that video. Stop telling kids that simply trying something (protesting) means they’re good at it. Not everyone in their generation hates the cops, so they don’t represent anyone but themselves. They have no idea what BLM even stands for and they were thoroughly exposed in their own video for being frauds.


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