Newburyport Teacher, Triton School Committee Member Apologizes For F-Word Filled Facebook Post, Recently Got Kitchen Redone Despite Refusing To Reopen Schools


This is Newburyport High School teacher and Triton Regional School Committee member Paul Goldner.

Triton Regional School District (Rowley, Newbury, Salisbury) has had only a handful of days this year in which schools were opened because Paul and others like him choose to ignore the science and guidance from people like Dr. Fauci and the American Association of Pediatricians. Schools are not high transmission areas, and they know that education is essential, but they choose to let their own cowardice and irrational fear of a virus that poses no threat to children direct them in their decision making.

Ironically Paul Goldner teaches science while choosing to ignore the science. That alone is disqualifying, but so are some of the things he’s posted online. Paul is a member of a group I’m also in called Merrimack Valley Eats, a non-scammy version of Greg Bates’ North Shore Eats. Under a recent post about the number of people who have died from COVID and its effect on when restaurants should reopen, he shared his thoughts on people who think that it’s OK for business owners to make a living.

“Yes you’re (sic) fuckingasshole of a president lied to you and so now you don’t fucking believe that people are dying at a rate that surpasses 9/11 on a daily basis, and this was fucking preventable. But the number of deaths is reconstructible about 7 fucking ways but fuckingmorons won’t believe that, yes, people are fuckingdying. And so more people die. Fuck you for killing people.”

Here is the contact information for superintendent Sean Gallagher and principal Andrew Wulf. If you believe this is an inappropriate and disqualifying way for a high school teacher to conduct themselves on social media then feel free to reach out to them, especially since it violates the district’s social media policy. A student would be suspended for that.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Seven times this public school teacher and alleged role model used the n word in one breath. This is how he conducts himself and represents Newburyport High School and the Triton Regional School District online. And yes, you do represent your employer when you comment on anything on Facebook. Ask anyone whose lost their job over it. But according to Goldner’s co-conspirators on the School Committee who refuse to do their job, he was speaking as a private citizen.

School Committee Chairwoman Nerissa Wallen issued a written statement to The Daily News on Friday afternoon.

Goldner was posting as a private individual on Facebook and was not speaking on behalf of the School Committee, according to Wallen.

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“It is my understanding that the comment has been removed and an apology posted in the social media group,” Wallen said. “As for the language and sentiments expressed in the post, they certainly do not represent Triton’s core values of respect, integrity, and excellence for all, which we aspire to promote for ourselves, our students, and the entire Triton community. This individual was not speaking on behalf of the School Committee. I hope to move forward from this point with a renewed sense of civility and respect.”

I’m sure they felt the same way about Trump’s Access Hollywood tape. After all, he was just speaking as a private citizen too. The fact that any Nerissa Wallen thinks members of the School Committee can conduct themselves publicly and not be held responsible for it should disqualify her from public office too.

Even more alarming is the fact that this man gets to decide when kids return to school. He clearly doesn’t know the first thing about COVID, which is why his only weapon when debating it is to use theatrics and yell “PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!” He mentioned people dying 4 times in that tirade, and compared it to 9/11, while glossing over the fact that thousands of people die every day in this country regardless of COVID. At no point did he attempt to use data, facts, or logic, because they are not on his side.

Most importantly, how could any parent of a child who has this man as a teacher feel their child will be treated fairly if the teacher finds out that Mom or Dad voted for Donald Trump? He clearly looks down upon them and thinks they’re subhuman. Does anyone have any doubt that he tries to brainwash kids in class with his political viewpoints any time he gets the chance? This is yet another example that the lockdowns have always been about politics and never been about “science.”

But it’s OK now because he apologized.

“Like many people, I have been under a lot of strain and stress on a lot of different fronts for the past year and I lost my cool and lost my temper last night over someone saying that COVID had not killed 400,000 people,” Goldner said. “I exploded in a way that I absolutely should not have and I regret that I did that. It was an inappropriate way of expressing myself.”

Their team gets to apologize and move on. The other team has to resign or gets impeached.

Paul recently commented on his page about his anger that Governor Baker compared the Capitol riots to BLM riots.

You’re right Paul, they’re not equivalent. The BLM riots were a million times more destructive and violent than viking man and his clan of goons rummaging through Nancy Pelosi’s desk for a couple hours. Many more people were killed during the BLM riots, including cops, and property destruction was in the billions. And of course this misinformed fool blamed the BLM riots on “white supremacists and police” for instigating it, because making up lies in order to advance a political agenda is just what he does.

Just like the rest of Team Lockdown, Paul Goldner is also a massive hypocrite. On March 31 he had his home inspected so that his kitchen could remodeled.

Studies have shown that 74% of COVID transmissions occur in the home (not schools), and this maniac is allowing strangers into his home for the non-essential task of redoing his kitchen! Hey Paul, F*** you for killing people. F*** you for risking the lives of all these people working on your kitchen. And f*** you for putting your kitchen ahead of the needs of children in Newbury, Rowley, and Salisbury, who are being denied a quality education so that you can work in your pajamas.

Meanwhile, his wife who also serves on the Newbury Town Democratic Committee, has been cheerleading for her husband for “saving lives,” despite the fact that her kitchen was remodeled by strangers during the height of a pandemic.

This is also a pattern with Paul Goldner. A week prior to this he had to apologize for another outburst he had in that foods group.

It’s almost as if this man is a mentally unbalanced lunatic who has no business being around children and is hurting children in order to push his political agenda while actively ignoring the science.


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