Newburyport Youth Services Hosting Sex Simulating Drag Queen Show For Kids At Saint Mark’s Masonic Lodge


Newburyport Youth Services is an organization that purports to provide social services for kids, teens, and families.

On Instagram yesterday they advertised an upcoming performance on May 13 at the St. Mark’s Masonic Lodge in Newburyport, for kids as young as 14 to come and watch a drag queen named Miz Diamond Wigfall perform…..something.

Miz Diamond Wigfall is a dude who does what basically amounts to blackface for women by dressing up as a hooker and appropriating womanhood. Here’s a video of a smash hit he’ll be performing called “Coconutz,” in which he talks about all the fun children can have playing with his boobs.

It’s fine. This is normal.

They’re totally NOT trying to sexually groom your children. These are definitely age appropriate lyrics for 14 year olds to hear at the Masonic Lodge:

“My coconuts, you can put them in your mouth”

“Watch them bounce up and down”

“Everybody loves the twins”

“So juicy and so right”

“I give them different names, Mary Kate and Ashley”

“Just give them a squeeze”

“So delicious dripping down your face, so delicious you want a taste”

I’m guessing this is a taxpayer funded organization too, considering they list a City of Newburyport email address on their Facebook page:

What is this sexual deviant’s skill, exactly? What qualifies him as an entertainer? The fact that he can put on women’s clothing and a bunch of makeup, and simulate sex in front of children?

Oh right, he has no skills, and he’s not an entertainer. Communists just love to parade these freak shows around in front of kids because the stranger and more disgusting a person is, the more social credit points you get for accepting and pretending to enjoy them. They feel better about themselves by embracing weirdness because it makes them feel tolerant, but that alone isn’t enough to satiate their need for self-satisfaction. They need to virtue signal to the world that they’re so cool with a man telling you to suck on his gerber servers that they’ll subject their own children to it at the Masonic Lodge. Ya know, so trans kids can feel celebrated.

Because there’s nothing these people love more than grooming children.

NYS ended up taking down comments once parents started speaking out.

But it’s basically the mission statement of the woke now “celebrate trans kids.”

These people love to feed puberty blockers to young kids who have no idea what gender even is because it makes them feel better about themselves. They don’t care about the long term damage it does to children, so long as they can pat themselves on the back for being “tolerant” of grown men simulating sloppy second base in front of kids.

They also do racial indoctrination too.

In case you were wondering where your tax dollars are going.

Anyway, why is St. Mark’s Masonic Lodge hosting this? Feel free to ask them on Facebook.


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