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Nicholas Brutcher, Gunman Who Killed 2 Bristol Police Officers: Posed With Rifles On Wedding Day, Was Facebook Friend With Murdered Cop, Shot Heroic Brother

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On Wednesday night two Bristol, CT police officers were shot and killed, and a third was wounded after responding to a domestic call that turned out to be a planned ambush. Officer Alex Hamzy and Sgt. Dustin Demont were killed by some waste of space named Nick Brutcher, and 26 year old Alec Iurato was shot after that and released from the hospital yesterday. Officer Hamzy leaves behind his wife who he married last year. A search for his name on Facebook leads to dozens of heartbreaking testimonials about the kind of person he was from friends and family.


Sgt. Demont, who was also the school resource officer, leaves behind two children and a pregnant wife who was due to give birth to his third. The Bristol Police Department was filled with letters from students whose lives he played a part of.

Nick Brutcher was killed by police, and his younger (32) brother Nathan was shot but survived. There seems to be come confusion about this as many people are assuming the brothers got into a shootout with police, and I’ve seen a lot of very ignorant people taking their Internet outrage out on Nathan. But in reality he is a hero. This is Nate Brutcher.

This is him with his now deceased 35 year old cop killing brother.

Earlier in the evening Nick was kicked out of a bar, and according to police sources BPD responded to reports of a disorderly patron at that bar and issued a summons to the patron. That patron is assumed to be Nick Brutcher.

Nick went home, got his gun, and said he was going to the bar to shoot it up. Nathan attempted to stop him and according to neighbors Nick shot him.

“Norberto Rodriguez, who lives across the street from where the shooting occurred, said that on Wednesday night he saw a man dressed in camouflage emerge from the house with a gun. Another man ran out, apparently to restrain him, and the man with the rifle shot the second man, Mr. Rodriguez said.”

“A neighbor, Anthony Rodriguez, said he saw Nicholas Brutcher fighting with his brother outside their home while dressed in “army fatigues and holding a large rifle with a high-capacity magazine attached to it.” Rodriguez told the newspaper he heard Brutcher telling his brother he was going to “shoot up” a local bar. Rodriguez said Brutcher’s brother stopped him from doing that and Nicholas Brutcher shot him

After shooting his brother Nick called the Bristol Police to ambush them. He lay in wait with an AR-15 for police to arrive, and the moment they did he opened fire on them.

This is Nick Brutcher.

He has two daughters with his ex-wife, who divorced him in 2019.

According to his Facebook page he has a new girlfriend named Lindsay Croce as of January 1.


These were his 2016 wedding photos from his wide open Facebook page.

Here he is next to his brother Nate, laughing as he points a gun at the camera on his wedding day.

If you feel the need to ever pose like this then you are a loser. But if you do it for your wedding photos then you’re a psychopath and an irresponsible gun owner. Pieces of shit like this give law abiding gun owners a bad name. Guns aren’t toys you use to virtue signal about your politics with, but that’s all pictures like this seek to do.

“Look at me with my gun! I have a hug dick! Take that liberals!”

I say that as someone who is opposed to more gun control and doesn’t blame the guns for what happened here. Guns are something you should keep in your home for self defense, not walk around brandishing like a toy. His brother Nate did the same.

We get it dude – you own a rifle. We’re all very impressed.

As you can probably guess from the gun pictures, Nick Brutcher wasn’t some left wing, anti-police BLM person. He has pictures of himself on Facebook wearing a hat with what appears to be a thin blue flag on it.

He was also Facebook friends with Officer Hamzy, who he went to high school with at Bristol Central.



The kids did not live with him but he did have some visitation. Here he was last year going through the McDonald’s drive through with the girls, mocking the idea that kids can pick their own gender.

But he didn’t actually believe in any of the values he pretended to represent. People like this simply exist to own the libs, and everything they do is meant to trigger them. They don’t actually stand for anything. Clearly he doesn’t give a shit about murdered police officers and doesn’t back the blue. His Facebook pictures did nothing except give the left more reasons to call for gun control that infringes on the rights of people who actually take gun ownership like the serious responsibility that it is.  He did everything in his power to undermine conservative principles.

According to police a total of 15 guns, including the murder weapon, were seized from his house. You cannot tell me that friends and family saw no signs of his psychotic behavior before Wednesday night. People like this don’t just decide to shoot their brother and ambush police out of the blue. They let you know who they are when they insist that their entire wedding party pose with rifles. I guarantee you he has threatened people before, which would be grounds for an order, which would give police the right to take his guns away. The process already exists to prevent people like this from killing. But now the left will use this to push for red flag laws that can be used to disarm victims of domestic violence who actually need guns for protection.

This is a sad day for Bristol and police officers everywhere. There is no such thing as a routine call, even in rural areas. Every time police respond to a complaint they have no idea how it will end. Most of the time its uneventful, but the world is filled with sick people like Nick Brutcher, and you never know who’s going to be there when they arrive.


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