No Arrest Made Yet In The Stoneham Hit-And-Run That Left 4 Children Injured, Owner Of Vehicle Refuses To Speak To Police

Earlier in the week we did what the media and police won’t do and identified the owner of the vehicle seen in the video below plowing into four children standing with their bikes outside a Stoneham residence as 30-year old Burlington resident Stephanie DeTomasi (the original blog was erroneously labeled “Stoneham woman”.



The ID was fairly easy to make, because:


  1. The police released the make, model and registration number of the vehicle owned by DeTomasi.
  2. She has a history of similar offenses.
  3. Her own father came forward and pleaded for her to turn herself in.
  4. She does super safe things behind the wheel, like, snapping a selfie while barreling down the highway in her deathmobile:

Despite this, there have still been no arrests made, and now apparently she is flat out refusing to speak to police.

NBC Boston:

“A Massachusetts woman who owns a vehicle that plowed into a group of children and fled the scene this weekend is declining to talk to police.

Police in Stoneham have been investigating a hit-and-run crash that left four children injured Sunday evening, sending two of them to the hospital. Tuesday, a spokesperson said the Stoneham Police Department had identified the vehicle’s owner as a Burlington woman.

Through her attorney, that woman has declined to speak with police, according to the department.”

Sure thing, lots of innocent people who just happen to own the smashed up remains of a vehicle driven into four children at around dinnertime on a Sunday evening lawyer up and refuse to speak to police. Seems legit. I just can’t believe they haven’t made an arrest yet. The entire thing is on film. It’s not a seatbelt ticket, this is a pretty serious crime which resulted in injury to a group of middle school students. I suspect DeTomasi and her lawyer are hard at work establishing the “disease” defense, but that remains to be seen. Or maybe she wasn’t driving, although that’s a long shot in my book, because she sure isn’t identifying anyone else who was.




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