No One Is Defending Alex Cora Despite All The Fake Outrage About “Cheating” Because Unlike Tom Brady His Organization Is Run By D-Bags


The Boston Red Sox fired Alex Cora today for orchestrating a “cheating” scandal in Houston and Boston, both of whom won the World Series.

That’s a shame. I really liked that guy. But every Red Sox fan I’ve heard talk about this seems to be in agreement that it was deserved. Allow me to disagree, if I may.

First of all, they only did this because the Astros fired AJ Hinch, which was equally insane. There was no way they could keep him after that precedent was set.

Secondly, this is the biggest overreaction I’ve ever seen in sports. Oh no, they saw the signs and banged a couple trash cans. Big deal. Don’t have cameras at the game then. How is this any different from Spygate exactly? How did stealing signs help David Price win two games in the World Series? How did we win games 4 and 5 of the World Series on the road if the “cheating” only happened at home? Show me the exact games the Red Sox or Astros won as a result of this “cheating” scandal.

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Watch this video and listen to how upset this dude is about “stealing signs.”

“That’s so upsetting.”

Shut up. These baseball purists are the reason no one likes baseball. They’re the reason Pete Rose isn’t in the Hall of Fame, but juicers will eventually all get in. If anything that video proves that there’s a way around sign stealing. The pitcher figures out the trash can scheme and switches up the signs with the catcher. He outsmarted Alex Cora and the next guy struck out. That isn’t cheating, it’s gamesmanship. Any team that isn’t actively switching up its signs was negligent and deserved to lose anyway, and this is the biggest overreaction in the history of fake Internet outrage.

I will add this though – the reason that Red Sox fans aren’t upset about this is a testament to how little they care about this team. When the NFL came at Tom Brady we were a united front in the face of injustice. When they try to tarnish our championships we laugh at them and point out how they’re all just sore losers. Yet when the Red Sox are tarnished no one cares. Why? Because everyone likes Bob Kraft and nobody likes John Henry. What this organization has done to Kirk and Callahan, while virtue signaling about street names and allowing murderers and rapists to work in the clubhouse, makes them so unlikeable. That’s why Red Sox fans don’t care about coming to the defense of this Fascist, SJW organization.


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