No, Those Were Not Antifa Plants Pretending To Be Trump Supporters Yesterday


I suppose I should chime in on what happened in Washington yesterday since it’s kind of what everyone’s talking about. Here’s my thoughts.

  • Donald Trump incited a riot by repeatedly lying to stupid, gullible people who represent a small fraction of the number of people who voted for him.
  • Trump lost the election because of mail in voting which he has done nothing to stop. Instead he wastes his time on voting machines and gets advice from lunatics like Shiva.
  • The lack of trust in the electoral process he created contributed to republicans staying home in Georgia, which cost us the Senate and will do irreparable damage to the country now that democrats can do anything they want.
  • They’ve had 2 months to prove that widespread voter fraud was the reason he lost the election and have failed to do so where it matters – in court. All the memes and videos of suitcases with ballots in them don’t mean a thing. Arguments made in a court of law do.
  • I don’t care about Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley taking a meaningless vote to reject the electoral college when the other side ignored the coronavirus because they were too busy impeaching Trump over a phone call. They are not to blame for this, Trump is.
  • Trump was a great President but he is destroying his legacy. Yesterday was a horrible day for Republicans. It will be Charlottesville on steroids. We will literally never hear the end of it.
  • If Trump runs in the Republican primary in 2024 it will be a nightmare. Ron Desantis would be a great President, but if he runs Trump will give him a nickname and destroy him like he did Jeb, Ted Cruz, and Little Marco.
  • This was not an attempted coup. It was idiots barging into the capital and having a good time. They had no military or police backing and clearly no chance of stopping the democratic process.

  • What BLM did this summer was a million times worse than what happened yesterday. They burned down police stations, destroyed small businesses, closed down a federal courthouse for a month in Portland, took over an entire neighborhood in downtown Seattle for a month, killed cops, and dragged people out of their cars on highways. This lawlessness was supported by every major corporation in the country and was rationalized as a legitimate expression of outrage against racial injustice by the media.
  • What happened yesterday was hardly any different than what democrats did during the Kavanaugh hearings. A mob encouraged by every elected Democrat in Washington stormed the Senate building, and harassed and got in the faces of cowards like Jeff Flake until they gave into their demands. Their goal was to subvert the democratic process of a duly elected President appointing and confirming a Supreme Court Justice.
  • The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that every prominent Republican loudly condemned the rioting yesterday. Democrats supported and encouraged rioting in June. Ayanna Pressley said we needed unrest in the streets. Kamala Harris shared a link to the Minnesota Bail Fund to bail rioters and looters out of jail. AOC said the point of protesting was to make people uncomfortable.

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  • The “if the rioters yesterday were BLM protesters they would’ve been killed” people are the worst. BLM was allowed to burn down a police station and not a single protesters was killed by a cop. Meanwhile, rioters were killed by police yesterday.

  • Four rioters were killed yesterday, including a woman shot by a cop in the Capitol. They won’t “say her name” because she’s a white Trump supporter, but she was no more guilty or innocent than Breonna Taylor. She engaged in dangerous behavior and took part in a riot, much like Taylor did when she associated with drug dealers. I don’t feel bad for anyone killed at one of these events by cops. Her name was Ashli Babbitt, and she was influenced by Trump’s lies, which ultimately got her killed.

  • Jacob Blake was memorialized by the NBA, NHL, and NFL because he was shot by a cop despite being an armed rapist trying to kidnap children. Ashli Babbitt won’t be memorialized by anyone despite being unarmed and killed by police.
  • Suspending Trump from Twitter is wrong, but it’s just the beginning of a mass purge of conservatives. If they’ll do that to him they’ll do it to anyone. Trump had 4 years to regulate them and chose to use their platform to whine about them being unfair instead.
  • Anyone blaming Mike Pence for not stopping the inevitable is an idiot. No one has been as loyal to Trump as Pence, and what Trump did to him proves that he only cares about himself. Pence couldn’t overturn the election, nor should he.
  • The “iT wAs aNtIfA pLaNtS” people are idiots, yahoos, and grifters. Those were Trump supporters. Accept the fact that some of them are crazy and were inspired by Trump. Let me break them down.

Lie #1  – the horn guy is a BLM plant.

They intentionally cut off his sign for a reason.

He’s a Q Anon agitator who trolls BLM and is likely insane.

Lie #2 – One of them had a communist symbol tattoo on his hand, so he’s obviously a BLM plant.

Fact check – that’s a video game symbol, because he likely is a gamer who lives in his Mom’s basement and blindly believes everything Trump and Lin Wood say on Twitter.

Lie #3 – Hand tattoo guy is Antifa because he’s on a Philadelphia Antifa website.

Fact – this is from an Antifa website where they dox people they believe to be white supremacists.

Andy Ngo knows more about Antifa than anyone, and he made it clear this was not Antifa.

The responses to his tweet, and all the people calling him a sellout, proves just how brainwashed these idiots are.

If I’ve ever preached anything on TB it was to question everything. If you see a meme on Facebook that tells you someone is an Antifa plant, you should question that before sharing it. I’m embarrassed by the amount of idiots on my Facebook page sharing this nonsense. It’s like you’ve learned absolutely nothing. As if our team isn’t capable of the same sort of lies and manipulation as the other team.

Last thing – I think Trump will resign before January 20 and Mike Pence will be the shortest tenured President in American history. Trump wants to leave on his own terms. If he leaves on January 20 then he’s basically signing off on the election results, which he’s not capable of doing. Resigning in protest so that he could not be removed would be the ultimate Trump way to go out.


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