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Nonbinary Communist Speaker At Mass School Resource Officers Convention Deletes Facebook Post Calling For Removal Of Police In Schools


School resource officers in Massachusetts are required to attend an annual convention in Norwood at the expense of the taxpayers. But this year instead of learning how to prevent school shootings, identify gang colors, or other things that involve keeping schools safe, resource officers had to sit through an hour long LGBTQ+ session hosted by a “Justice and Equity facilitator and educator.”

The speaker’s name was Micaela “Mica” Warton.

And you pretty much know everything you need to know about her just by looking at her. Homegirl used to look like this.

She’s married to a woman, which we used to call being a lesbian. But now that she’s gotten a boy’s regular haircut she calls herself nonbinary. She’s also a Latinx “xapa” of 3 kids, which appears to be the new woke way to call yourself a parent that doesn’t subscribe to one of the 98 genders.

Somehow this individual was chosen to speak at this conference.

Mica has no real skills and would normally be considered unemployable. But luckily for her the Woke-Industrial Complex has no shortage of jobs working in universities, nonprofits, and as consultants for hire.

Her bio is on the convention’s website, except it’s a little confusing because Mica uses they/them pronouns, which completely bastardize the English language. But what was clear as day to understand were the buzzwords.

Of course she spent most of her life working for nonprofits.

Of course she gets paid a lot of money to brainwash people against their will with communist propaganda.

Of course she wants to transition to “restorative justice,” which means not punishing or suspending kids when they break school rules, disrupt the learning environment for other students, or behave dangerously.

Of course she’s concerned about the “disproportionate discipline of students of color,” while ignoring the fact that perhaps this is a result of a disproportionate amount of school rule violations.

To people like Mica They/Them the problem isn’t bad parenting, bad behavior, drug use, gang affiliation, or a general lack of respect for teachers and cops. For people like They/Them the problem is much simpler than that – it’s racism. It’s just that simple. Black and brown kids are getting suspended and disciplined because the teachers and SRO’s hate them due to the color of their skin. And the only way to fix that is to give They/Them $5,000 to give a speech about unconscious bias at the expense of the taxpayers.

Shortly after the conference several SRO’s searched her name online and found Mica They/Them’s wide open Facebook page. As it turns out Mica is completely opposed to having cops in schools, wants the police to be defunded, has participated in BLM protests which turned into riots, and refers to the Founding Fathers as “wealthy kidnappers, rapists, and torturers.”

“Get police out of schools.”

She’s literally getting paid to speak at a convention for School Resource Officers, and she opposes their existence in the buildings completely. Couldn’t one of Maura Healey’s harem of state trooper girlfriends be the speaker instead? At least they know that they’re women and don’t hate the existence of the police.

“Demand to know what school suspension and expulsion policies are and what disparities exist in how they are carried out.”

Translation – meddle in school affairs that you know nothing about and scream racism when students aren’t allowed to disrupt the learning environment of others.

“Demand a shift away from policing and towards services for the most vulnerable.”

Translation – defund the police and give more tax dollars to people like Monica Cannon-Grant.

After word began getting out about her page Mica They/Them immediately scrubbed her Facebook and deleted her Twitter account. A Google image archive showed that she mostly posted pictures of herself attending BLM rallies in Boston.

Cops we spoke with tell us that she refused to answer any questions regarding her posts about defunding the police and removing SRO’s from schools. However, she did tell them to “compliment trans kids on their appearance,” which seems like a great way for a SRO to get accused of sexual harassment.

This year’s convention was put sponsored by the Municipal Police Training Committee, but it’s unclear whose bright idea it was to bring in a speaker to train SRO’s, who also wants to eliminate the existence of SRO’s. Mica Warton is scheduled to speak again next month (December 13-14) at another SRO training at the Southbridge Convention Center. Hopefully whoever is running that event comes to their senses and doesn’t hand over taxpayer money to some cop hating communist who can’t figure out what gender she is.


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