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North Attleboro Police Refuse To Charge Former Blogger Who Hacked Into Our Facebook Page And Threatened Herself Despite Overwhelming Proof Of Guilt


Last Saturday, February 29, at 1:30 PM, the Turtle Boy Sports Forever page left a threatening comment towards former blogger Kate Peter underneath a story that was posted.

I was alerted to this comment by several people shortly after. If I had posted that then it could be considered a violation of the harassment order issued against me in Attleboro District Court. However, I would never write anything like that, nor would I be so stupid to do so. (Remember the phrase “burned to the ground.” That will be relevant on another date.)

Since I didn’t post this I wanted to find out who did. To my knowledge I had eliminated Kate Peter from having access to the Facebook page, but as you will see in this video, she was able to access it anyway:

To review:

  • Kate Peter had an account she used with the alias Aitch Paul.

  • Kate Peter admitted as such several times in conversation.

  • Using the name Aitch Paul, Kate Peter regularly participated in conversations in a private group chat that I am a member of.

  • Kate Peter removed the Aitch Paul account as an admin on the Turtle Boy Sports Forever page at 1:41, just 11 minutes after posting the threatening comment towards herself. The goal of this threatening comment was to provide evidence to the North Attleboro Police that I had violated the harassment order, at which time I would’ve been arrested and placed in jail, possibly without bail for 90 days.

  • I made this video at 3:15 PM on February 29. I realized that Kate still had access to a Google Docs account we used to organize story ideas and logins for admin accounts we used on the Turtle Boy Sports Forever Facebook page.

  • I have evidence that Kate did have access to this, both on the account itself, and in conversations I had with her.

  • Although Aitch Paul was no longer an admin, I was aware that Kate could still access the page by logging into any of those accounts. There is confidential information in there that only Turtleboy admins should have access to. I decided to change all of the passwords for all of those admin accounts, since Kate could access any of them because she had the passwords on the Google Doc. When I changed the passwords I could see the last time and place someone logged into each account. One of the accounts was Sarah Jones. As you can see in the video, I had logged into the account from my home in Holden when the video was taken, and someone else had logged into the account 14 minutes prior in Randolph using an Android device.

Kate Peter owns an android phone. The video was taken 1.5 hours after Aitch Paul was taken out. Clearly she was still planning on using the page moving forward, even after taking out Aitch.

All of this information was provided to the Holden Police and North Attleboro Sgt. Jason Roy on Saturday Feburary 29. I filed a report with HPD at 6 PM, and the officer I spoke with was of the belief that she could be charged with two crimes:

  1. Filing a false police report, since Kate Peter had visited the NAPD that day with this information in an attempt to have me arrested for violating the harassment order.
  2. Witness intimidation.

“A person who is or was attending a civil or criminal proceeding….with the intent to impeded, obstruct, delay, harm, punish, or otherwise interfere thereby.”

Kate and I have an upcoming civil proceeding for the harassment order on March 10. She posted this threat in order to harm and punish me at that hearing, and in doing so impede the process. It’s black and white.

The Holden Police concurred that this was an appropriate charge. However, since the crime was technically committed in North Attleboro only they could charge her.

Today Sgt. Roy (NAPD) told me that he would not be charging Kate Peter because there wasn’t any proof that she had done this, despite the fact that he had spoken with her about it and she admitted that she was Aitch Paul. According to Sgt. Roy someone else could’ve used the Aitch Paul account. I asked him if he had asked her if she had given her login information to anyone else, and he told me he had not asked her about that. I told him that that sort of information seems relevant.

We know as a fact that Aitch Paul was using the page at the time that the comment was made.

We know as a fact that Kate Peter is Aitch Paul.

We know as a fact that Kate Peter told Sgt. Roy that only she had access to that account.

It was clear when speaking with Sgt. Roy that although he seems like a nice guy, and I’m sure he’s a fine cop, this was above his head. The questions he asked me and the comments he made indicated that he was confused by digital crimes like this, and had little desire to learn about it. He told me that Kate Peter had admitted to being Aitch Paul, but denied making the comment, so there was nothing he could do.

Although it’s understandable for police officers who are not as tech savvy to be confused with crimes like this, the fact of the matter is that this is era we are living in and police must adapt. Throwing your hands up in the air and saying, “I don’t understand any of this” is no longer acceptable for law enforcement.

According to Sgt. Roy, “It’s not my job to police the Internet.”

Except it is. That’s exactly the job of the police in the digital era. Sexual predators are constantly caught by police in online forums. Digital information is used to put criminals in jail all the time. This woman put me in a constant state of fear that I would be arrested, and was willing to fabricate evidence, hack into my business/property, and write threatening statements to herself. She wasted taxpayer funded resources in doing so, and attempted to weaponize the police against me.

Yet they’re not charging her. This is an outrage. I support the police, and I know they have a hard job to do. But the NAPD is not doing their job here, so I’m using my constitutionally protected right to let the public know about it.

As we left it, Sgt. Roy said that he was contacting Mike Hilario, the sound guy for the former Bristol Crew show. According to Sgt. Roy Kate gave him Mike’s name and said it was somehow associated with the Aitch Paul and Juan Ortiz account. We will see what comes from that.

I am a law abiding citizen who has the right to not live in fear. Kate Peter has taken that right away from me and violated the law in doing so. I will not allow her to use the police to intimidate me into silence.


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