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North Middlesex Superintendent Calls Police On Parents Whose Children Told Teachers They Went Away During April Vacation 


In what is quite possibly the most tyrannical thing I’ve read since the coronavirus outbreak last year, North Middlesex Regional (Townsend, Ashby, Pepperell) Superintendent Brad Morgan sent out this letter telling parents he’s working with the police to investigate parents who traveled over April vacation.

The term Nazi is tossed around too loosely these days, but the similarities are striking in this letter from Brad Morgan.

“We are following up with families and addressing potential violations by turning the investigation over to the local police department and board of health.”

Gutless cowards like him robbed children of an education because they were afraid, while the rest of the working world braved the chances of contracting a virus that has a 99.9% recovery rate and is no threat to children. When the state finally forced them to reopen in early April they made kids as young as 5 smother themselves with face masks even though all teachers are able to get the vaccine, and there is no evidence kids are asymptomatic spreaders. This was done in defiance of the data and the science, which shows that states without mask mandates have less transmission of COVID than states with more restrictions.

Now they think they can call the cops and investigate where you went over April vacation? Nah. Every parent in this district that’s being “investigated” should refuse to cooperate with police or the board of health. They have no authority to ask law abiding people what they did over their vacation, and whether or not they crossed arbitrary state boundaries. As if you become more of a threat to your child by going to get something to eat in Salem, NH or Providence.

“We had several students report to their teachers that they were traveling”

Oh good, they’re getting kids to snitch on their parents. The exact same thing the Nazis used to get kids to do to see whose parents were disloyal to the state.

“When contacted these parents have denied the claims of their child, which forces the district to dedicate time and resources away from education and into an investigation as to whether or not policies have been followed.”

They’re literally pitting parents against their own kids. No, you’re not “forced” to waste time and resources investigating who went to Disney World, you’re choosing to.

“In some cases, families have been unresponsive to multiple attempts the district has made to contact them. The lack of cooperation that these families have shown has been a strain on our resources.”

Good. Refuse to cooperate. Do not call them back. Do not answer any questions. It’s none of their business where you go during your free time if you are not sick. Just lie to them and force them to prove otherwise. Lying is OK and moral in situations like this.

“NM is still one of the few districts statewide that is fully back PreK-12” 

That’s just an outright lie. Every district except for those that applied for and got a waiver is back full time.

“the actions of a few are putting everything we have worked for at risk.”

This is also what the Nazis used to say too. Blame everything on a minority group that won’t get in line and present them as threats to the common good. It worked in 1938 and it’s working in 2021:

The government has convinced these simpletons that it’s completely normal to call the police if you suspect your neighbor went on a vacation. And they think you’re the crazy one.

They also want “consequences” for those parents who weren’t truthful about how they spent their April vacation.


You have just as much of a chance catching the virus in Market Basket or at the Olive Garden as you do traveling to Florida. You have an even greater chance of catching the virus if you have friends over your house. Is NM going to be taking an inventory of who had guests over or who went grocery shopping too? Of course not. That would suggest they’re interested in seeing who engaged in the “riskiest” behavior, when in fact they’re really just trying to control you.

Stop complying. Your children have been robbed of an education. You pay the salaries of people like Brad Morgan. They stole your money by not opening the schools because they put their interests over the well being of your kids. They want them to be unable to breath properly or smile because they are cowards. Now they want you to get arrested if you choose not to live in fear and instead act like a free person living in a free country because they coached a confession out of your kids, who they’re now using against you.

This madness ends when we demand it ends. Stop complying. There’s no reason to anymore.


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