North Providence Mom Abandons Kids, Terrorizes Cranston Drivers, Assaults Cop, Gets Arrested, Starts GoFundMe For Police Brutality Three people have been arrested after an incident police said involved an officer being pushed, surrounded, and run over while responding to dozens of recklessly driven motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. About 30 motorcycles and ATVs were speeding and weaving in and out of traffic Friday afternoon before one of the drivers dropped her motorcycle in the middle of the road to block traffic, police said. Shyanne Boisvert, 23, of North Providence is accused of pushing the officer who approached her on foot, and as he handcuffed her, several others circled him in a threatening manner, police said. Eduardo Rivera, 33, of Warwick, is accused of running over the officer’s legs with his ATV before fleeing and later crashing into a cruiser. Kemoni Mitchell, 22, of Providence, is accused of leading police on a chase and striking a passing car. The officer was being treated for his injuries. It was unclear Saturday whether the three suspects were represented by attorneys. Cranston Police Chief Michael Winquist said cities across the country have been dealing with the dangers of reckless and illegal operation of all-terrain vehicles on public roadways.

“Law enforcement cannot turn a blind eye and allow these operators to take over our city and town streets through intimidation and assaultive behavior,” he said in a statement.

You know you’ve got life by the balls when you’re a grownup who’s entertained by go-carts and wheelies and then whines when you get arrested for terrorizing drivers and assaulting cops.

Meet 23 year old mother of two Shyanne Boisvert.

As you can see she has more miles on her than all the ATV toys put together. Last year she apparently got ghetto engaged to this biker.

Fast forward a few months later and she was in love with this winner.

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She abandoned her children at home to go play in traffic like any responsible mother would, because posing for wheelie pics is way more important than spending time with your kids.

Sure beats getting a job.

And of course in classic guttermuppet style she refers to her son as “my King.”

She really loves her king a lot. She just routinely abandons them and engages in dangerous behavior that could kill her and leave them without a mother. Like she did a couple months before when her and her fantastic friends took over the streets of Boston illegally, did wheelies, and she eventually crashed on her ass and blamed one of the other riders who will most likely be her fiance of the week at this time next year.

These idiots not only terrorized drivers and people living in Cranston, Johnston, and Providence, they also ran over a cop.

Cranston police say an officer who was hit and injured by a group of motorcycle and ATV riders has been released from the hospital and is recovering from his injuries. The incident started around 4 p.m. Friday when an officer on patrol in a marked cruiser saw a group of approximately 30 motorcycle and ATV bikes driving recklessly down Atwood Avenue, according to Cranston Police Chief Michael Winquist. Nearby Harriet’s Kitchen surveillance cameras captured the moment Shyanna Boisverst stopped her motorcycle in the middle of the intersection. Moments later a Cranston police cruiser arrives. Police said the officer took the 23-year-old to the ground to arrest her after she pushed him. Laura Castellone had just finished her shift at the restaurant when she witnessed the scene quickly escalate.

“All of the guys surround the cop car with branches from the ground, smashing the windows. It was awful. He was calling for backup there’s cops, there was like eight cops,” she said.

But according to Mommy Muff Marauder’s pals she dindu nuffin.

On Saturday, motorbike community spokesperson Jeremy Costa spoke with 12 News, saying that the police department’s version of what happened isn’t completely accurate. He said the reason Boisvert stopped was because a woman driving an SUV hit her. Surveillance video does appear to show that moment — when the SUV drove over a dirt bike.

“This lady hit two bike riders and put one of them on the ground and then moved aggressively through the pack and if you want to say flee the scene of the crime,” Costa said.

Anyone who refers to themselves as a motorbike community spokesperson should just completely give up on life, even though they probably have done so already.

But was this true? Shyanne posted some videos on her page that supposedly exonerate her and is complaining about police brutality.

Oh no, a bruise! It’s almost as if engaging in dangerous behavior can have consequences.

She also agreed that the police officer who was run over while arresting her should’ve been kicked in the head as well.

Let’s see what this looked like.

Oh no, foul language!! How will she ever survive? I’m told the cop who threw her in the back of the car was the one whose leg was run over. How dare he be upset!

Let’s check out surveillance video to see if the driver really hit her before the cops got there. You can see in this video when the ATV runs over the leg of the cop arresting her.

Just to review:

  • They illegally took over an entire public road and prevented cars from driving
  • They blockaded one guy who wasn’t having it and then cried when he nudged them

  • She fell over on her own so she’d have a reason to act like a bad ass and bang on the driver’s window

  • She resisted arrest, got thrown to the ground, and then cried about police brutality when they threw her in the back of the cop car

Now she’s started a GoFundMe and is begging for a lawyer because someone told her she had a slam dunk case.


Yea, maybe if you had a job and were a responsible mother you could pay for an attorney yourself. Then again, you wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.


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