North Shore Gypsy Family Uses Truant Children To Scam People All Over New England By Pretending To Play Violin And Be Homeless


For the last month we’ve gotten several messages from turtle riders about a family of gypsies traveling all over the state who have been forcing their two kids to sit with them outside while begging for money. They live lavishly, but pretend to be starving in order to con people out of money, and they use the children as bait. They even have the older son pretend to play the violin while music is blasted out of a nearby speaker in order to get people to donate money. Here’s a small sampling of some of the recent postings.



Yes, that’s right – they train the kids to lie too. Some of these posts have gotten thousands of shares from people who have seen them and donated to them. I’d estimate just by reading the comments that they’ve made well over $50,000 in just the last few months. They’ve been spotted in Chelsea, Revere, Hudson, Bellingham, Medway, Quincy, Bridgewater, Saugus, Waltham, Medford, Framingham, Dedham, Ashland, Lawrence, Methuen, Nashua, Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and probably dozens of other locations. They just get kicked out of one spot and move to the next.

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The Venmo they listed goes back to this kid:

His name is Antonio Spartanu, and as you can see he is being raised in the Romani gypsy tradition of scamming people for a living while not going to school.

The little guy with him is the other kid from the pictures, Freddy Spartanu.

As you can see, they wear expensive clothing, jewelry, watches, and fresh Jordans. Just not when their parents are using them as props to scam people out of money while pretending to be starving.

Here’s Antonio with his father, and elder gypsy statesman, Remus Spartanu.

I know there’s a stereotype about gypsies, but these stereotypes exist for a reason. This is not a culture that should be welcomed in this country. A culture that exploits children and scams innocent people out of money so that adults like this can buy ridiculous looking outfits and act like washed up Euro-trash, is one that should be eradicated. If anyone knows where they live I’d love to call the DCF Fairy for a checkup. Message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or email [email protected]


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