Northampton Activist Raises $7K For Morbidly Obese Homeless Man Who Terrorizes First Responders, Scams The Government, Isn’t Really Disabled 


This is Tyrell Rankin from Greenfield, a lazy homeless man who recently moved to Northampton but never stays in one place for too long.

He’s perpetually unemployed but yet also morbidly obese, because America is such an oppressive country that the people who do nothing all day can still find a way to gorge themselves with food.

He frequently gets arrested on warrants all over the area while trespassing.

Moving to Northampton for him was a smart business move, because as you can see, he is black. And if you’re looking to scam guilt ridden white liberals by pretending to be oppressed, then Northampton is a gold mine. That’s where this woman comes in.

She goes by Azalde Tether on Facebook, and if Northampton had a face it would be her. There is never a protest she misses, and she can fit more meaningless buzzwords on a sign than any other SJW.

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She’s your run of the mill Hampshire anarchist who wants to abolish the police and start a revolution, right after she stops at Starbucks.

In reality her name is probably Michelle, or something, and chances are she is the result of parents who told her to “find herself” while they provided the financial safety net for when she inevitably needed money to survive. Probably.

Michelle recently shared (and possibly started) a GoFundMe for Big Sloppy.

“I was in the foster system. I had a rough life. I have mental health problems.”

Yea, join the club Tyrell. Lots of people have had a rough life, you’re not special. Your “mental health problems” are likely your cash cow to collect money from the government, and you’re in a wheelchair voluntarily because you’re too lazy to exercise or get a job. I know this because you have almost a dozen Facebook pages.

And in one of them you gave yourself away as perfectly able bodied, standing in New York two years ago.

Big Sloppy has been problematic, putting firefighters at injury risk because he needs them to forklift his 700 pound body every time he calls them. He has been known to walk into people’s houses, breaks their toilets, and defecate on their floors. He is only disabled because he refused to lose weight, and knows that going to the hospital will result in free room and board with a turkey sandwich.

This is hardly surprising. About five years ago I did a story on infamous Worcester panhandler Derrick Thomas, who first responders estimated ran up hospital and ambulance bills of $2.7 million a year. These people know how to scam the system. They know that they live in a welfare state that rewards their poor life choices, and they know that hospitals will give them free food so long as they call 911 every day.

Despite being destitute he can still afford to buy weed and do Facebook lives from what appears to be some sort of room with extra pillows in the windowsill. During the performance he gets a text from a woman, who of course he lets the audience know he will text back after he’s done, because bitches be sweatin him.


One of the comments:

Nuff said.

It’s not his first GoFundMe either.

But that GoFundMe didn’t go well, because he made it himself, and black people he’s friends with by and large know a scam when they see one.

White liberals on the other hand, are ripe for the picking. If you are a person of color and you’re not scamming white liberals at this point you are either a person of honor, or an idiot. Because this lardvark raised almost $7K in less than two days. Notice the headline of the GFM.

Black disabled lives matter. Tyrell isn’t struggling due to the fact that he’s a lazy, free loading troglodyte; he’s struggling because he’s black and disabled.

Of course the reality is that if he were a white person terrorizing the community like he is now, then he wouldn’t get a dime. This once again proves that white privilege is a myth, while black privilege is real. But you can only use your black privilege privilege around white liberals in places like Northampton, because no one else is falling for it.


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