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Northampton College Student Brags About Stealing Painting Promoting Unity Between BLM And Trump Supporters From Peace Activist’s Yard 


Billy Park is a peace activist/hippy from Northampton.

He’s really big into three things – free hugs, world peace, and Tulsi Gabbard.

His overall message is that no one is beyond redemption and even the most extreme people can come together if they hug one another.

But since he lives in Northampton this is a very unpopular opinion, because anyone who would ever vote for a Republican should not be loved, cannot be redeemed, and should never, ever be hugged. Recently he put this piece of art up in his yard, showing a Trump supporter hugging a black lives matter activist.

This is just a hippy painting version of Joyner Lucas’ “I’m Not Racist.”

And like Joyner Lucas, the artist who painted that picture is black.

Billy Park hung that painting up in his yard and then this happened.

Of course someone stole it from him. Because the last thing people in Northampton would want to do is humanize people they disagree with. And because it’s Northampton the woman named Zahra Ashe-Simmer who stole it, wasn’t afraid to brag about it on Facebook.


Silly white people with their “private property.” Didn’t you hear Billy? If a basic chick in her early 20’s attending Wesleyan reads some Howard Zinn it means she gets to steal your property because hundreds of years ago Native Americans were here first. Also, black people have to “fight every day to exist,” so she had no choice but to steal your sign promoting peace and tolerance.

Because this is Northampton property theft and the rejection of tolerance made this a very popular move.

Uh muh God!! Conservative books!! Why are they reading those books when they should be burning them! We don’t want people understanding different points of view! What does this look like, some sort of democracy? Only free spirits who are going for the “I hate my stepdad Jeff” look, should be allowed to decide what people can and can’t read in a free society.

The story made the news because she destroyed his property, refused to replace it, did so openly, and hasn’t been charged yet.

On Wednesday, Zahra Ashe-Simmer of Northampton posted on Facebook that she was the person who had removed Park’s sign. The following day, the same post appeared on the Northampton group page.

“I found it incredibly distasteful and problematic for reasons outlined here by multiple people,” she wrote.

That the artist is black didn’t change its “disturbing message,” Ashe-Simmer added.“Anyone can make simpering, white-idolizing media like this, regardless (of) identity, and the artist is not a representative of all black people or black politics,” she wrote.

Yea, just because the artist is black doesn’t mean it should be displayed. What did you think? All black opinion mattered? No, no, no, black people can’t express themselves through art if hyphenated white women who sound like they’re named after asteroids think they know more than them.

She said that she would be more than happy to replace the sign with something “less blatantly racist” made by a black artist, or to discuss with Park why the sign is offensive.

“I would strongly urge you NOT to make more prints and consider why a town full of white people with MAGA-sympathizing iconography in their front yards isn’t the move,” Ashe-Simmer concluded.

Ashe-Simmer, who is white and lives in Northampton, said that a friend who is a person of color, but not black, had pointed out the sign to her. She said that they’d discussed knocking on Park’s door or sending a letter but that she ultimately decided she’d remove the sign herself.

“It felt like my responsibility to do,” said Ashe-Simmer, who is a graduate of Northampton High School and now attends Wesleyan University. 

White women attending expensive private liberal arts colleges are the only people who get to decide what political opinions and/or expressions people should and should not be legally allowed to express on their own property. If you thought this painting was bad, wait until you see what they would do if Billy Park (gasp) put up a Trump sign. These are people who can’t possibly understand the existence of people who would vote for the sitting President of the United States.

Northampton Police Chief Jody Kasper said the matter is under investigation and that no one has been charged or arrested. Ashe-Simmer said that the Northampton Police Department asked her to come into the station and that, after she refused, she was told she’d be charged with larceny. She said she has not been arrested or received a summons on this matter yet.On Park’s decision to involve the police, Ashe-Simmer said that, “I think it’s pretty telling of where he’s at right now.” Ashe-Simmer said she’s interested in having a conversation with Park, but she said he has refused, saying that he wants his sign returned first. “I would really love to,” she said about finding a time to talk. “Those are the conversations right now that are really important.”

At the end of the day what we have here is a racist white woman trying to cover up for her own racism under the cloak of wokeness, telling a black artist that his expression of peace and love isn’t acceptable in Northampton. But she’s “not telling POC how they should feel.”

Unless they feel that hugs are a good thing, or that Trump supporters are human beings. Then Becky the asteroid is here to tell those black people to sit down and shut up while she lectures them about her white privilege.


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