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Northampton Commmunity On Edge After Witness Claims Police Are Shaking Hands With Transphobes Beating And Misgendering BLT-123’s In The Streets


This is Corinne Elizabeth Towne.

As you can tell by looking at her, she is from Northampton, where she moved specifically because it was a safe space for the BLT-123 community. Everyone knows that Massachusetts towns and cities in 2021 are dangerous places for the pots and pansexual community, and the only refuge can be found in Northampton and P-Town.

At least she thought it was safe in Northampton. As it turns out transgender people are getting spit on left and right, misgendered (which is violence), and beaten in the streets. Not only do the cops not intervene, they also laugh at the victims and shake hands with the transphobes responsible for these attacks and beatings!

Those things definitely happened!

Unfortunately the police couldn’t get there in time to stop the hate crime because the BLM City Council voted to defund the police last year. Good thing Chief Jodi Kasper took a knee with protesters.

They sure seem appreciative of her gesture.

This is the same city that outlawed “High 5 Friday” at elementary schools because kids giving high 5’s to police officers was traumatizing to children of color who were conditioned to fear cops. After we broke that story in 2017 the lesbian parents who led the charge to have it cancelled ended up asking the police for extra patrols at their house because of their newfound attention and shame.

Almost as if people who want to defund the police are the first people to call the police when they’re in no danger whatsoever.

As one boy/girl/other pointed out, it’s against the law to misgender someone.

Because I definitely want to live in a world where the government can outlaw words that come out of my mouth simply because they coincide with biological reality. The question is, who will enforce these laws and arrest the bad guys who misgender once the police are fully defunded?

Luckily absolutely no one questioned Corinne’s story and everyone agreed that this was entirely the fault of the police they voted to defund.

However, one woman did preface her comment with “if this happened,” before urging Corinne to go to the police chief.

Little did she realize how offensive it was to say “if this happened,” as there could be no doubt that BLT-123’s are getting beaten like hot cakes all over Northampton as the cops look on and high 5 the bad guys.


As Rene Meade points out, “y’all” unwillingness to blindly believe every unconfirmed anecdote on the Internet is why BLT-123’s are being massacred left and right.

I’m not sure if misgendering should be illegal, but northern white SJWs using “y’all” certainly should be.

Morgan McGann also seems like a rational person who happens to celebrate when cops are killed.

These people should be taken seriously.

But wait, isn’t Chief Kasper a lesbian herself? Why isn’t she doing more to protect the BLT-123 community? As it turns out she actually “weaponizes the hell out of her white lesbianism” according to Easthampton horseshoe nose ring activist Charlie Marshall, who hates Nazis almost as much as she does picking one hair color and sticking to it.


That face you make when you’re a happy, well adjusted person lashing out at the world because your stepdad Bill ate all the Oreos.

Let’s just hope that Corinne’s post will lead to even more reform and more defunding of the police in Northampton so that no one will be around to stop the blood bath of anti-BLT-123 hate crimes that take place in Northampton on a daily basis.


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