Northampton Police Cut 5 Cop’s Jobs Weeks After Protesters Demanding Defund The Police Wrote “F*** 12” On NPD Headquarters


The citizens of Northampton have demanded that their city defund the police by 10%, and thus have become the guinea pig for what this movement looks like in action.


Three people who quit their jobs to attend the police academy months ago, who sacrificed everything to be a police officer, will have their dreams crushed now because people in Northampton are upset with a cop in Minnesota. I hope they feel safer now that there’s less people available to respond to 911 calls. Good work protesters,

And students and teachers really dodged a bullet by getting the resource officer removed from Northampton High School. It’s not like arrests, violent incidents, and suspensions dramatically went down when resource officers were placed in the Worcester Public Schools five years ago. I’m sure kids will behave much better now that they know police officers aren’t around. Then again, this is the same city where High 5 Friday was cancelled because it was racist for kids to give cops high 5 on the way into school, presumably because they would be shot shortly afterwards. Not all the kids though, just the black ones.

Weeks ago this is what the people lobbying for defunding police did to Northampton Police headquarters.

They defaced the police station with “F*** 12” and other well thought out social justice talking points. And in return the white guilt hyphenated last name mafia demanded that the police cut 10% of their budget because safety is overrated.

I feel horrible for police in places like Northampton and Cambridge where pretty much everyone hates you because you chose to risk your life to protect them. My advice? Find jobs in places like Holden where we actually value the police. They really should disband these police departments and let the animals protect themselves. It’s working out great in CHAZ/CHOP. This is what black lives matter really wants – the abolition of police departments nationwide. It has nothing to do with black lives, and everything to do with removing police officers and pushing a Marxist agenda.


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