Northborough Bakery Owner Drums Up Lots Of New Business After Claiming To Be Attacked For Having Bisexual Employees And Selling Rainbow Pride Pastries


This is Diana Batista, the owner of Main Street Pastries and More in Northborough.

She made headlines this week after claiming that homophobic customers were refusing to do business with her because of her tireless advocacy for the BLT-123 community. She was interviewed by Spectrum News about it.

A customer asked Diana Batista if she was gay when she noticed Batista’s bakery was selling rainbow- colored bagels for Pride month. 

“Before I could even say anything or grasp what she was actually saying to me, she said ‘I don’t support gay businesses,’ “ Batista said.

But it didn’t stop there. Batista, owner of Main Street Pastries and More in Northborough, says she’s dealing with even more backlash and said it’s because the bakery supports the LGBTQ community. Batista said two of her employees are bisexual and and even if it meant losing business, ​she wasn’t going to stay quiet or stop selling the items. 

“I have to say something and I did. People know me as very outspoken,” Batista said. “Some people don’t like that and that’s too bad. It is the way it is.”

The bakery has in the past donated money and food to people in need through its Hope Bread program. “Another woman came in and said ‘I don’t agree with your politics,’ and she would like to have her donation back,” Batista said. “I didn’t even check. I just gave her the $30 in cash.”

Batista said it wasn’t a surprise when some customers stopped picking up their orders, leaving her stuck with wasted product.​

“In the past two weeks, we’ve had 11 orders not picked up,” Batista said. “You just know it was related to the other incident.”

She’s lost almost $3,000 in just two weeks, which is a big hit for a small business. Despite the negativity, Batista said a lot of other customers have thanked her for speaking out.

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“You cry about it and you don’t know if you’re mad or sad or what you want to do when you are trying to keep your personal opinions out of it,” Batista said. “But let me tell you, its really hard. It’s really hard.”

I’ll take things that never happened and were made up in order for the business owner to capitalize off of Pride month by presenting themselves as a front line civil rights warrior for $500 Alex!

This unverified anecdotal nonsense actually made the news? Good grief.

It’s 2021. No one is going around saying I don’t support gay businesses in Northborough. That’s not a thing. There is no safer and more accepted place for gay people in the history of the world than present day Massachusetts. Gay pride isn’t controversial, it’s commercial.

“You cry about it and you don’t know if you’re mad or sad or what you want to do when you are trying to keep your personal opinions out of it,” Batista said. “But let me tell you, its really hard. It’s really hard.”

So hard. She cries herself to sleep thinking about it, but it’s all worth it because Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and Ellen are counting on her!

Loved this bad ass quote too:

“Some people don’t like that and that’s too bad. It is the way it is.”

Don’t mess with her Pride cookies! She doesn’t back down from bullies!

The fact that some people didn’t pick up orders had nothing to do with the fact that this regularly happens to business owner and is an unfortunate cost of doing business. The only reasonable conclusion she could draw is that people weren’t picking up their pastries because the word was out that she employed not one, but TWO bisexual people! Scissor me timbers!

Diana Batista wanted to make it clear that she took a huge hit for being pro-BLT-123, but she “stood her ground” because there is NOT HATE PERIOD in Main Street Pastries and More!

What took the least amount of effort – making up this story, her business’ profile picture, or the name she chose for the business? Main Street Pastries and More? You invested all this money into opening a business and that’s what you came up with for a name? Yikes.

She also wanted to let the world know that people say she has the patience of a saint, but she will NOT tolerate bigotry, even from old people! And she thanks you all for your continued patriotism.

I think she meant patronage, but she’s a little busy being a civil rights icon to worry about spelling.

And did she mention that she lost money by standing her ground?

Her story had its intended effect.


Dumb white women threw money at her in order to feel better about themselves. It’s actually brilliant marketing when you think about it. All you have to do is make up a story about (insert hate group here) not supporting your business because you don’t back down in your steadfast support of (fill in the blank social justice cause here), post about it on Facebook, and all the Subaru Mafia will buy your social justice cookies because they think they’re fighting hate speech by doing so.

Today she shared another post about how she was being “dragged through the mud with hate filled speech and threatening words,” (because there are ALWAYS imaginary death threats with scams like this), and had her business previously “vanidizled” for refusing to back down from social justice causes.

But then she added this update to the post about the unnamed “hate group” targeting her.

Translation – Diana Batista publicly commented somewhere about the ridiculousness of liberals who have decided to call women “birthing people,” because women with vaginas who say they are men can also give birth.

By rightly mocking this perversion of the English language and denial of biological reality, Diana is now being labeled as “transphobic,” which is harassment, slander, and a disgusting display of hate! Everyone is always being mean to her!

All you have to do is go back a few months on her Facebook page and you’ll see that she regularly whines about everything.

She recently said that the business was broken into, but instead of stealing money the robbers just stole food, and because she’s such a virtuous and kind-hearted person she decided not to call the police because the thieves were just trying to avoid starvation.

Oh, and free cupcakes and hugs from those suffering from the trauma of the Capitol riot.

Because you should never let a good tragedy go to waste.


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