Norwich Man Out On Bail For Killing His Girlfriend Defends His Honor On WINY Radio Facebook Page, Blames Victim For Being A Sloppy Drunk


A Norwich, CT man named Michael Gervais was arrested this week and charged with manslaughter for a domestic incident that occurred in January that ended in the death of his girlfriend Patricia Sullivan.

If “level 3 sex offender” had a face, that would be it.

He told the police he “belly bumped” her, causing her to hit her head on a door knob and die, but waited over 5 hours to call 911.

The state medical examiner ruled Sullivan’s death a homicide in July. People interviewed by the police said Sullivan fell and hit the back of her head against a glass doorknob. Prosectors share Michael Gervais’ statement with police Gervais told police he “belly bumped” Sullivan while pushing by her, and heard her fall to the ground, but did not look back to see what happened. Gervais was the one who eventually called 911, the report said, five and a half hours later.

Gervais pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree breach of peace in March related to a June 2020 arrest and ordered to pay a $200 fine, according to the state’s judicial website.

You would be wise to stay far away from a Facebook post on WINY Radio about being arrested for murder, but Mike Gervais chose to do the exact opposite – blame the victim for being a drunk.

Guess she drank a gallon of whiskey and fell into a doorknob and he forgot to call the cops for 5 hours. Thanks for clearing that up Mike.

Plus, she never mentioned him beating on her in rehab.

Oh, the domestic violence victim said she fell. That’s never happened before. Guess there’s really nothing left to investigate here.

He also accused her of being a squatter.

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Tawny Griffith, who looks like a COVID wet dream, had his back.

She never once mentioned being the victim of domestic violence, therefore he dindu nuffin. That settles that.

She made some strong points.

You guys don’t even know him! She does, and says he didn’t do it. Mystery solved.

There’s just one problem though – Patricia Sullivan isn’t the only woman he beat the bag out of.

And he was arrested last year for third degree assault and risk of injury to a minor.

But yet he remained free because as a white man he ironically benefits from liberal judicial philosophy that was designed to incarcerate less black and brown people. Turns out when you want to “abolish prisons,” that means letting bad white people out of jail too.

According to Tawny he also had a motive to hurt her.

He hated living with her and couldn’t get rid of her legally, and now she’s the victim of a homicide. That will definitely help his case Tawny.

For a guy who’s out on bail for manslaughter he sure posts on his wide open Facebook page a lot too, whining about his lack of free handouts and sharing memes from Occupy Democrats.

What are the odds that the woman beating deadbeat who leaches off the taxpayers for a living and benefits from soft on crime Democratic policies would be a Democrat?

If Mike Gervais would like to come on the live show this weekend and tell us what really happened he’s more than welcomed to. Message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or email [email protected]



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