Notorious Scammer Jesstina Moschetto Uses 3rd Child Born In Roxbury Homeless Shelter As Bait To Solicit Donations On Facebook Support Pages


A homeless woman in Roxbury named Jesstina Moschetto recently asked for the public’s help on Facebook to clothe her three children for the holidays.

It might seem heartbreaking to read that, which is in fact why people like her make posts like this. And she’s been posting it everywhere.

And every time someone offers to help she turns them down.

It’s OK to need a helping hand once in a while if you’re in need, but becoming dependent on strangers from Facebook to essentially provide everything for your children probably means that you are unfit to be a mother at this time. And Jesstina is constantly using her kids as bait to solicit donations.

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They’ve been homeless for years, which isn’t normal. Yet she has turned it into a lifestyle, despite appearing to have an able bodied boyfriend.

Despite living in a shelter, forcing their kids to sleep on a floor, and going years without being able to obtain employment while sucking off the system, they decided that the time was right to go ahead and add a third child to the litter because personal responsibility is foreign to people like this.

Every time someone offers them help she uses the “I can’t drive” excuse, then tells them to hit up her Venmo or order free stuff to come to the shelter.

If your parents named you Jesstina because they couldn’t choose between Jessica and Christina, then you’re probably gonna end up on Turtleboy. That’s just science. But if that name rings a bell it’s likely because MVTB blogged about her two years ago yesterday, and you likely remember her as her TBS name – Gums and Roses.

And using her offspring as bait to ask for donated items that she then resells is her favorite holiday tradition.

I do love a good ratchet redemption story, but sadly too many of them don’t change their stripes. If you can’t afford to bring kids into this world then quit raw dogging it, get your life together, and be an adult. I’m all for helping people in need, but for some of these sewer guppies begging and scamming becomes a lifestyle they never feel like getting out of.


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