Notorious Sexual Predator Removed From Plane Home From Charlotte, Forced Evacuation Of All Passengers For Refusing To Wear His Mask


We’ve published several blogs about former Gardner resident Matthew Brown, more commonly known by his street name – the Foreskin Fapnado. Matthew is well known for sexually harassing strange women on the Internet, sending unsolicited noodz with a screenshot of a Discover bank account that is clearly not his, and leaving derogatory voicemails for the attractive women who understandably reject his advances. It should be noted that he also abandoned his daughter but pretends to take financial responsibility for her when attempting to impress these women.

He has sent me threatening emails and I considered getting a restraining order against him after he began calling me with threats to come to my house and harm my family, but it’s like a 20 minute drive to Leominster District Court and if I did that every time someone threatened me I would never get any work done.

It’s been several months since I’ve last heard from Matthew, but he reappeared this afternoon after he posted a video of himself not only getting kicked off a flight back home from Charlotte and getting arrested for refusing to wear a mask while swearing in front of several children on board, but forcing everyone else to get off the plane too.

I’ll never support the masks, but I also don’t own the airline and understand that if I choose to use their service I have to follow their rules. That’s because I’m a normal adult who just wants to get home when I get on a plane. But if I had my flight home delayed because the Foreskin Fapnado wouldn’t put a piece of cloth over his mouth I’d give him the United 93 treatment.

The only satisfying part was watching him get the perp walk in front of a crowd of booing Massholes and others who likely missed their connecting flights as a direct result of his insanity.

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I will milk his Gerber servers before I die.

That is a promise. I can see he shops at the same thrift shops as Josh Abrams.

The best part is he posted it on Facebook assuming people would sympathize with him, but passive aggressively gave people the option to comment if they felt he was being a douchebag, assuming no one would. Turns out everyone he knows hates him and thinks he should announce to the world that he has information that could lead to the conviction of Hillary Clinton so that he could finally disappear from the earth once and for all.

Finally when someone tagged TB he realized he was about to be famous again and took the post down.

I don’t know who that woman is or how much he paid for her to take that picture with him, but she’ll definitely have a restraining order out against him within the next 3 months. That’s just science.

Something tells me this is not the last time we’ll hear from Matthew Brown. And if he did have his girlfriend on that flight with him let’s hope she got on the plane without him and never, ever sees him again.


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