Obsessive Turtle Rider Harasses Police Departments, Helps Rapists And Domestic Abusers, Attacks Women And Children In Psychotic Crusade To Shut Down Turtleboy


For the last 4 months an obsessive and jilted turtle rider has been using anonymous accounts on Twitter and Facebook to:

  • Attack me, my friends, and family, personally
  • Exploit crying children and weaponize DCF against those who won’t join in her crusade
  • Harass guests we have on the Live Show in an attempt to bully them from associating with TB, including Rayla Campbell and Katie Lawson
  • Protect, defend, and work with ratchets we’ve blogged about, including Monica Cannon-Grant, Big Black Jeffrey, Rian Waters, Tony Branch, Talbert Swan, Didi Delgado, Tom Mountain, Charlotte McFarland, Rachael Rollins, Ashley St. Angelo, Kylie Kirkpatrick and many others
  • Publish private conversations in order to dox innocent people for the crime of having conversations with me
  • Help and encourage ratchets to file frivolous restraining orders and criminal complaints
  • Attempt (and fail) to get district attorneys and the Attorney General to file criminal charges against me for wiretapping
  • Post traumatic personal stories from rape victims that were sent in confidence
  • Attack and harass the Holden Police Department for their refusal to charge me with a non-existent crime

The person behind this account vowed to never stop until the blog was shut down and promised a “storm” that never came.

This week I discovered that the person behind this account is the daughter and sister of Boston Police Officers. For at least 5 years she’s been an obsessive fan, constantly messaging the blog with story ideas that we almost never write about in order to feel self-important. For 2 years she used an account called “Boston Broad” and pretended to work for Turtleboy. We later discovered that several people messaged her with confidential tips on potential stories that were never passed along to us because she told them we were too busy.

In 2018 she messaged me out of nowhere to tell me that her baby died and asked me to send her flowers. I later found out there was more to this story. She is the perfect example of why you should just read the blogs.

Tonight on the Live Show we will be showing receipts and exposing this person for her psychotic and disgusting behavior. We’ll also be speaking with the Bourne School Committee member who’s being villainized for not wanting kids to be groomed by a sexual deviant, and the daughter of a drunk driving victim we blogged about this week.  Tune in at 9 PM and subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.






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