Older Brother Of Ex Professional Hockey Player, Career Criminal And Failed Selectman Candidate Billy Tibbetts Behind Bars For Alleged Kidnapping

This seems to be the norm for the Tibbetts clan.

Good news, everybody! Turns out failed selectman candidate, ex-professional hockey player, gentleman’s club patron and crack-cocaine enthusiast Billy “The Skid” Tibbetts is not, in fact, the only degenerate n the Tibbetts clan. Quite the contrary, actually. Meet big brother Joseph N. Tibbetts, known as “Nick”.


Apparently Billy never shared his steroids. What an jerk.

While little brother Billy has been pummeling Josh Abrams, smoking crack in Chinatown and finally ending up right back in jail, Nick has allegedly been doing his part to keep up on the proud family tradition of committing crazy, violent crimes. Specifically; assaulting his girlfriend, kidnapping her in his car,


Then frantically trying to throw away his shirt in a garbage can.


Seems rational. This isn’t even the elder Tibbetts sibling’s first kidnapping charges, either. Seems he makes a habit of it. In 2012, he did this…..

Patriot Ledger:

Joseph N. Tibbetts, 39, of Scituate faces nine charges in the alleged kidnapping, armed robbery of a victim, 68, in Hull and Hingham on Saturday.

A Scituate man was to be arraigned today on nine charges stemming from an alleged kidnapping and armed robbery on Saturday involving a person he knew.

Joseph N. Tibbetts, 39, was arrested Saturday by Hingham police on numerous charges, including kidnapping and armed robbery. At 1 p.m. Saturday, the alleged victim, a 68-year-old man, drove into the Hull police station parking lot and told Hingham Detective Phillip Emmott and Hull Detective Sgt. Bart Forzese he had just been robbed at knifepoint.

Police followed the victim, who was on oxygen and appeared shaken but not injured, to the parking lot of Victoria’s Sub Shop where the alleged robbery occurred, near the Hull and Cohasset town lines.

There detectives observed a man matching the description walking away from the parking lot on Hull Street (Route 228) in Hingham.

The detectives drew their guns and ordered the suspect to stop. Other officers from Hingham and Cohasset arrived to assist.

Police say the suspect resisted arrest and was taken into custody by three officers using two sets of handcuffs.

Subsequent investigation showed the alleged victim arrived at a business in Scituate, where he saw the suspect, whom he knows, and agreed to give the suspect a ride in his work van.

As they drove, he said the suspect picked up a work knife and began opening and closing the knife, and said “I can kill you.”

He pointed the knife at the 68-year-old and told him to continue driving, police said. Police say he also removed all cash from the victim’s wallet.

The driver said he convinced the suspect to stop for food at Victoria’s Sub shop, and Tibbetts allegedly told him to remain in the van, threatening to kill him again, this time with a wrench. Tibbetts removed the keys and he walked inside. The victim had a spare ignition key and drove out of the lot.

Tibbets is charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, assault with dangerous weapons, a knife, and also with a wrench, on a person over age 60, larceny from someone over 65, intimidation of a witness, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.”


I sense a classic Tibbetts family reunion in the rec yard approaching! Their parents must be so proud.


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