One Armed Lancaster Man Arrested For Using Leominster Video Store As Front To Buy Millions In Stolen Goods From Junkies, Ex-Wife And Girlfriend Both Died In 40’s 


Earlier in the week someone posted on the Discussing Fitchburg Now Facebook page about a State Police raid taking place at Adopt A Video in Leominster.

I’ve seen this place many times on my way to Athens Pizza and always wondered how some random, non-corporate video store was still in business. Selling old DVD’s and games? Come on now, nobody’s buying that. Netflix killed Blockbuster, but Adopt a Video in Leominster was still thriving?

My first thought when I saw this was “it’s got to be kiddie porn.” Speculation began to arise in the best local gossip group on Facebook.

The chain store is owned by John Duplease, and his daughter quickly jumped to her pa duke’s defense.

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But she would soon come to regret that choice as it turns out this commenter right here knew exactly what was going on in that store:

She was 100% correct.

I can understand the drills and blenders, but how the hell does a two bit junkie walk out of a Cabela’s with a cross bow like he’s Daryl Dixon without them noticing?

I’m not a criminal genius or anything, but I did watch Breaking Bad a few times, and I know that when you have that kind of unexplainable cash flow you need a solid storefront business that acts as a believable source of your income. But buying and selling DVD’s might be the most conspicuous front in the history of organized crime.

As twisted as this is I almost respect the hustle. Might as well put these junkies to work I guess. Would you prefer that they rob an innocent grandmother for their next fix, or some mega-corporation that gave $5 million to black lives matter? If the junkies just went in there and said they were protesting for George Floyd then the Vice President would’ve bailed them out on the slim chance they actually got arrested anyway.

Does this look like the face of a one-armed criminal mastermind who kept the shadiest store in the world afloat when all other video stores were dying out, while living in a $700K home in Lancaster?

Luckily bail didn’t cost him an arm and a leg, so he can still crank one out.

This is the risk you take when your entire workforce is composed of crackheads with warrants. Eventually they’re going to get pulled over, one of them will be arrested for warrants, and the other one will get caught robbing a Home Depot so he can pawn some cordless drills to you and make bail. It’s really only a matter of time, and it’s a miracle that he lasted as long as he did (3 years!).

Turns out this isn’t the only store he’s done this at either.

The only thing less believable than a thriving DVD store in 2021 is a thriving chain of them.

His girlfriend Paulette died under shady circumstances a couple years ago, and his ex-wife Caroline died after suffering from addiction in 2012. He was not listed in the obituary.

Holy cow, this guy is the one-armed Giannetti! Profiting off junkies and leaving a trail of dead women behind him. Except his kids still love him, he didn’t get high on his own supply, and he was wildly more successful.


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