One Eyed Worcester Man And Girlfriend Endanger Civilians By Blowing Through Red Lights While Following Fire Trucks For Their YouTube Channel


David Murphy and his girlfriend Tina Ducimo are so Worcester it hurts.


David may hold onto eyes like I hold onto Facebook pages, but he does have a scanner and a girlfriend with a driver’s license, so naturally he spends his day following around fire trucks so they can film it and upload the content to their monetized YouTube channel with over 10K subscribers.

I’m not sure if there is a firefighter version of a bootlicker, but if there is, David is it.

However, his YouTube channel seems to make him believe that he is an actual member of the fire department. When he follows the trucks around he goes through red lights and honks aggressively at other drivers who have the audacity to get in the way of his girlfriend’s unmarked civilian vehicle. Check this one out.

No big deal. Just blowing through red lights at major intersections.

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Driving like a maniac and honking the horn at other cars that have the right of way because if he gets there a minute after the truck he won’t be able to monetize the worst moment of someone’s life on Grafton Hill.

Crossing double yellow lines on Grafton Street.

And then bothering and fanboying the firefighters while they do their job.

“Great work by the fire department, working hard and keeping us safe.”   

Look, I have nothing but respect for firefighters, especially Worcester firefighters considering the tremendous sacrifices they’ve made over the last 20 years. But I’m a grown ass man and I just feel uncomfortable thanking another grown ass man for keeping me safe. Just sayin.

David Murphy does this in several videos on that channel. Eventually he’s going to get someone killed because no one’s telling him to stop. He’s literally documenting himself breaking the law and should be ticketed at the very least. I have to assume at this point that the fire department can’t stand this guy. I know I would.


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