Online Mob Attacks Grandfather For Yelling Racial Slur At Rockies Game After He Tried To Get Mascot To Pose For Picture With Grandkids


Blue checkmarks were up in arms on Twitter last night after a fan at a Rockies-Marlins game in Denver allegedly shouted the n word at Marlins player Lewis Brinson while he was up at bat.

My initial reaction to this was fourfold:

  1. The fact that we could hear that man calling Brinson the n word twice once again proves that Adam Jones was lying about being called the n word at Fenway Park, since Jones claimed he was called that word throughout that game from a much further distance, and nobody heard it in person or on TV.
  2. When will Denver be labeled the most racist city in America? Why does the sports media only seem to care about alleged racism when it occurs in Boston?
  3. When will MLB apologize for moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta due to their belief that election integrity bills are racist, and into a city where people feel comfortable shouting the n word at the top of their lungs with no repercussions?
  4. Why don’t we know the name of the fan already? We are living in a society that is hypersensitive to racism, and MLB virtue signals about BLM more than anyone. Are we to believe that a fan could repeatedly yell the n word this loud, and not get immediately thrown out, named, and shamed?

Number 4 especially made me have some doubts about this story initially. Our society cannot wait to catch an overt racist because people get woke social credits now for being an “ally” when they do so. We have essentially put bounties on the heads of racists, and made it completely socially unacceptable to be openly racist. Try going out in public and yelling that word at the top of your lungs. Let me know how that goes.

The Rockies and MLB Players Association immediately came out and condemned the unidentified fan.

Except there’s just one problem – he wasn’t saying the n word. This is the Rockies stupid mascot Dinger.

Dinger was apparently walking up and down the stairs towards home plate when a fan in the front row saw him and tried to get his attention. Here’s what happened.

This is what happens in a society where the demand for racism far outweighs the supply. Turns out the guy was at the game with his grandkids and wanted to get them a picture with Dinger. Now he fears for his life because he knows, as everyone knows, that being labeled as a racist is worse than being labeled as a pedophile, and more damaging than being called the n word.


We are living in a society that people desperately want to believe is filled with racism and racists. So there were two initial types of takes from the blue checkmark brigade:

  1. This incident is evidence that racism is so widely accepted that you could do this and face no repercussions for it, and the only solution is more diversity, equity, and inclusion training.
  2. “Look at me! I really, REALLY hate that racist guy!”

Thank you Jessica Blaylock for proudly letting the world know that you are AGAINST racism. I was really wondering where you stood on this extremely controversial issue. You are an extremely brave and talented white woman, who totally does not have your job in broadcasting because you’re easy on the eyes.

“We have a long way to go,” is how these people always react to stories like this, because it perpetuates the idea that this is a racist society, and the only way to make it better is by continuing to fixate on race. But the fact of the matter is that stuff like this hardly ever happens because America is not a racist country.

The worst part about this story is the fact that the Rockies, much like the Red Sox, were so willing to throw one of their fans under the bus to appease the woke mob. Their initial statement is still up, wrongly accusing one of their paying customers of yelling a racial slur.

MLB, like most of corporate America is petrified of standing up to the mob, which is why I won’t watch one of their games until they stop.


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