Orange Couple Uses Children To Scam Various Communities For Christmas Help, Claims No One Helped Them Despite Massive Outpouring Weeks Ago 


This is Daniel Troiano from Orange and his lifetime fiance Marissa.

Earlier in the month MacMeth posted a really heartwarming, sad, and pathetic plea in a community Facebook page about how he his landlord raised the rent on him, which he couldn’t pay because he’s perpetually unemployed and has multiple children who need Christmas gifts.

Because of the kids factor he immediately had people offering to help, and like most of these seasonal guttermuppets he pretended like he was interested in their job offers and advice on how to become a person who doesn’t have to resort to online begging from strangers.

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But what these kind hearted people failed to do once again was a basic Google search, which would’ve revealed that Daniel Troiano is a thief who has a tendency to get charged with larceny.

Daniel Troiano, 30, of Mechanic Street, Orange. Charged with larceny by check under $1200. Pretrial hearing found defendant on pretrial probation until May 31.

Here’s a thought – maybe it would be easier to get a job if you weren’t always getting arrested.

10:56 a.m. — Warrant served, East Main Street. Arrested Daniel James Troiano, 31, of East Main St., Orange, on a warrant.

A few days later MacMeth posted again, thanking everyone for making Christmas happen!

Isn’t that swell.

It was a nice little story until he got greedy and reappeared on various community support Facebook pages yesterday, claiming that no one helped them the first time around and asking the community to buy them more stuff off their Amazon gift list.

They named their offspring Jayden. There’s literally nothing else I need to know about these two.

They were reassured by people that they were in fact good parents and shouldn’t be ashamed of being such inadequate caregivers.

And therein lies the problem. These people who scam always start off their posts with, “I’m so embarrassed to do this.” Except they’re not. If they were then they wouldn’t do it. They gave up shame a long time ago and count on no one having the balls to tell them that they are in fact pathetic.

However, some people who helped them the first time around called the trailer trinkets out on their lies.

This led to an update with the standard, “everyone expressing understandable skepticism needs to stop” disclaimer.

Translation – please stop revealing the fact that we are con-artists.

Soon they began to message the people who were calling them out and told them to stop because they were hurting her feelings.

Blah, blah, blah. You’re a grown woman collecting disability, ripping off the taxpayers, and using your kids as bait to scam people at Christmas. A bunch of people helped you out, gave you advice, brought stuff to your house, and you responded by claiming that nobody “adopted” your family before begging for more free shit a couple days before Christmas.You should be humiliated that you, two grown adults, want other adults to “adopt you.” But you’re not, and therein lies the problem. Try being an actual adult and taking care of your kids on your own. If you need the help of a Facebook group in order to make Christmas happen then you’re not ready to be a parent. Nothing is stopping any of you from getting a job, and you’re using COVID as an excuse. Besides that, have a Merry Christmas.


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