Organized Ghetto Fight Clubs Cause Chaos At Plymouth And Narragansett Beaches, 8 Arrested After Cops Are Assaulted With Beer Cans  


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Plymouth is the public schools of south shore beach towns. While most coastal cities in Massachusetts mainly have private beaches for residents only, Plymouth’s are basically a free for all. And yesterday the town was buzzing after a flash mob of junior hoodboogers showed up with beer, blunts, and booties at White Horse Beach and caused all kinds of trouble.

This is what happens when they start offering free swimming lessons at the YMCA in Brockton.

The mob of hundreds all congregated in one area, and you couldn’t really see what they were up to.

Although you’ll notice in this picture featuring the GED Express shaking their dong chowder targets, that the man with them is wearing boxing gloves.

Turns out they are members of a ghetto fight club that violates the number one rule of fight club – they tell everyone about fight club. Over the weekend they shared their videos on an IG account (that has since gone private) called WTWMass (what’s the word Mass?), that has 188,000 followers (including me) which completely defeats the purpose of going private. Here’s the video they uploaded from Plymouth.

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I’m always down for a little fight club, but not if you’re not at a family beach, and not if you’re not going to do it right. You can’t be having unsanctioned fights like this where Ed Too Tall Jones is knocking a white boy half his size.

To his credit Gringo McGregor got back up and fought, but when you fight on a wet and sandy beach it’s hard to keep your footing.

There was no shortage of thongs, open containers, and Obamaphones.

This little kid right here:

“My teachers were right – diversity is fun!”

Ghetto fight club also went to Narragansett Beach over the weekend, although these fights appeared to be with younger, less diverse kids, and it was really more like a high school football tackling drill.

However, these are literally some of the worst kids on earth whose parents should be ashamed of the satanic ghetto muppets their children have turned out to be. In the videos they posted you can see junior hoodboogers running from the police, surrounding them while they attempt to take hoodlums in custody, and throwing beer cans at them while shouting “f*** 12.”

Anyone know who this winner is?

He likes to join crowds and stand in the back so he doesn’t get in trouble, then yells “f*** 12” to try to be edgy. He does this because he doesn’t want be famous, but we should find out who he is anyway. Feel free to message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook, or email [email protected] if you recognize any of these winners

According to WBSM there were no arrests made in Plymouth, as ghetto fight club scattered the moment the fuzz arrived. However, 8 were arrested at Narragansett Beach, including at least 5 high school students.

Police said Domenico Deluca, 19, of Cranston, was charged with disorderly conduct. Aiden Bordeleau, 19, of Cranston; Avery Defusco, 20, of Johnston; and Samuel Richardson, 18, of Old Lyme, Connecticut, were charged with failure to disperse. Evan Rinaldi, 20 of Cranston, was charged with failure to disperse and possession of alcohol by a minor. Three 17-year-olds, whose names were not released because of their ages, were also taken into custody. They were from North Kingstown, Providence and Johnston.

This is not normal behavior, and it’s definitely not good if you live in the town of Plymouth. It was universally condemned, but the fights did have at least one supporter.

If bukkake had a face.

Yea guys, this was a totally non-violent event in which men pummeled each other repeatedly in the head and ran into each other at full speed with no pads on. They kick the crap out of each other like this before every big sportball match. Builds character.

The towns and the police need to come down hard on these hoodboogers. As amusing as it is to laugh at them there are little kids at these beaches who don’t need to be subjected to this. For non-coastal people like me it’s hard to find a public beach in Massachusetts, which is why so many people end up at Hampton Beach, the Walmart of New England beach towns. This is the kind of behavior that will turn all beach towns into Manchester by the Sea or Cohasset.


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