Out Of Control Haverhill Kids Break Into Apartment, Torture And Murder Cat, Mother Blames Victims, Threatens Anyone Who Posts About Her Son

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This is Cristy Diaz from Haverhill.

Although it may be something else, we’re not completely sure. Her Facebook URL is Janeliz Pacheco (her son’s last name). She is the mother of three demonic children, including an out of control, 14 year old free range poon polyp named Jose who ransacked a home and killed a cat two weeks ago. The story first caught our attention when the woman who lived there and her 17 year old daughter posted about finding their cat dead in their apartment.

The cat’s name was Rambo, and although he was old (15), he was still in good health and was a beloved pet that the daughter had since she was 2.

Leiana and Lauren came home and found their apartment had been ransacked by junior hoodboogers, and Rambo was laying in a puddle of some sort of cleaning product. He had been beaten, and most of the furniture was destroyed as well. His fur was was all over the apartment.

The group of 9-15 year old boys was seen by neighbors running out of the apartment yelling “it’s just a cat.” Leiana was very upset about what happened and posted about it in a Haverhill Facebook group.

Crusty Cristy laugh reacted to it.

Someone then posted a picture of Cristy’s son that she had gotten ahold of.

Some people didn’t like that the kid’s picture was posted.

“It’s still wrong to post a child online.”

Shut up. Her cat was tortured and murdered by these future serial killers. If you had a chance to take out 9 year old Hitler would you do it? Of course you would. Hitler took better care of cats than these midget psychopaths did.

The post about her son angered Crusty Cristy very much, so she messaged Lauren to come to her house.


When Lauren didn’t respond Crusty Cristy did what ratchets like this always do when they’re exposed to be the sewer guppies that they are – held her son responsible, apologized for his behavior, and vowed to make amends.

LOL. Just kidding. She turned on the CAPS LOCK and went to work.


Newsflash – your devil child got the way he is because of your failures as a parent. This is 1,000% your fault, and if you had any shame you would never show your face in public again. This demonic child should be taken from you, although by now he’s damaged goods and far too old to be adopted out. Nobody would ever want him, so unfortunately he needs to just age out of the system, far away from you, until he becomes an adult and can spend the majority of his life incarcerated.

We spoke with Lauren (the human mother of the murdered cat) about what happened:

I have possession of my old apartment until end of October. I rented a place in a much nicer neighborhood (and better school district), but I was still sleeping at the old place, as I’m moving everything by myself and was waiting until the furniture delivered in our new place. I still had my ring cameras set up, unfortunately they were offline. But the kids would have thought they were working which makes them even more brazen.

I had just left the apartment a couple hours prior, to go to Home Depot and run some errands, after Bob’s finished delivering stuff to our new place. Two of my neighbors came outside and told me what they witnessed. Then I went inside and found Rambo laying in a puddle of liquid looking dead. I called police and took him to vet. He succumbed about 36 hours later. 

Lauren’s daughter was older then the boys, so I asked why they would target her apartment:

He was a stranger to me, but my sister was Cristy’s son’s acquaintance around the school and area we lived in. When we weren’t home the boys that broke into the apartment, according to them, a shelf fell on my cat, or was pushed over. Then they got a bottle of Dran-o and poured it on him, as well as letting it get into his mouth to make him start seizing. My mother and I got home and the neighbor had stopped her and said I’ve been trying to contact you, there was a group of boys that ran out of the house and a bunch of noise inside, when the boys ran out one of the younger boys (Jose from the picture) yelled out “it’s just a cat pussies,” and my mother found him unable to walk or get up. We called the cops immediately and went to Cristy’s house with the police. No one would come out at first so they had us leave and went to knock on the door. From there the police called my mother back and said that a detective would start to handle this, then i posted the screenshot of the little boy who broke in to spread awareness, and Cristy Diaz went on to Facebook telling everyone to pull up and say it to her face. She said that this was all a “set up” and that it was “open house” yet no one told those boys to go inside or even talked to them that day. The boys then started texting me telling me “your cat was break dancing,” “he’s brain dead now,” and “he overdosed.” The mother will not get those boys help or even hold them accountable. She is defending them with everything she has in her and defending the fact that they went inside, as well as admitting her son and his friends were inside my home. 

As you can see, Crusty Cristy is blaming the victims because they left their door unlocked when they briefly ran an errand. Therefore it’s not her fault that her degenerate raw dog trophy walked inside, trashed the place, and killed a cat for no reason. This is standard parenting for Crusty Cristy according to Lauren:

She’s got a pregnant teen daughter and another punk son named Abdiel, I’ve heard he was there too. Guess she’s a drug dealer on section 8, pays no mind to her “ghetto trophies” who terrorize the whole neighborhood and sits around smoking blunts and bragging that her kids are “gangsta.” Jose says he’s not telling any information because he isn’t a snitch. Mom raised him well. 

She says that Jose is out of control and gets away with it thanks to the new criminal justice reform law that basically makes it impossible for kids his age to be arrested for anything:

Her son breaks into 711 and shoplifts, destroys the store every time he’s caught, steals bikes, tried stealing from a pharmacist’s yard who I know, and she caught him and told him she’s got cameras and to stay away. He told her he would just “spray paint “ her cameras. He was kicked out of the YMCA for being a punk, and they just smashed some girl Cindy’s windshield. That’s just stuff I’ve been told lately, God knows what else they’ve been up to.

Other people who have dealt with her kids said the same.

This poor cat was beloved by his family, and he spent his last days on earth having Dran-o shoved down his throat while being beaten by children who were better off raised by wolves.

The Haverhill Police Department is investigating, but their hands are tied thanks to the 2018 criminal justice reform law. This is the kind of lawless society the communists have created by design. These kids need to be in juvenile detention centers, and their parents should never be allowed to see them again. They got this way because they were never held accountable for their own behavior, and when teachers or other adults tried to reprimand them Crusty Cristy would attack the adults because she viewed any judgement of her offspring as an attack on her.

In a just society Crusty Cristy would be arrested and charged as well, just like Ethan Crumbley’s parents were. If we can’t punish the kids because they’re too young then we should be allowed to punish the parents. Instead she’s back on Facebook doing ratchet things and her out of control crotch fruit has likely learned nothing from this ordeal.

Maybe some public shaming will help.



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