Owner Of Falmouth Gym Arrested For Aggravated Rape Of A Minor Is Carrying On Like He Isn’t A Pedo Popeye


This is Darren Levorce from Falmouth.

He’s a body building fitness freak who owns a gym in Falmouth called USA Gym, and sells “healthy” prepared meals online.

But while he’s doing that, what he failed to mention is that he was charged in July with 4 counts of aggravated rape on a child, indecent A&B on someone 14 or older, reckless endangerment of a child, intimidating a witness, and selling or delivering alcohol to a minor. Somehow he was released on personal recognizance, AKA no bail.

He was carrying on like none of this happened until some people started posting about it on Facebook a few weeks ago, so his neighbors and others in the community had no idea unless they actively read the courthouse records. His wife and business partner Debbie is standing by him.

After getting outed on Facebook he basically disappeared from social media, but prior to that he was carrying on with life like he wasn’t charged with boinking a minor.

Take it easy on the Yum Yums there, Pedo Popeye.

It’s unclear how this grown man came in contact with a minor who he apparently bought booze for and diddled, and his kids appear to grown. Either way, this guy looks like every egomaniac juicehead who thinks every chick wants him and probably beats his meat to the thought of himself doing curls. There is no way he doesn’t get off to images of himself.

And when a person is that into themselves, they assume that every other woman gets off to them too. The problem is that he couldn’t just have an affair with an adult woman like a normal person, and instead had to dip his diddler stick in juvenile juices. Either way, the public should be warned about him, because clearly this wasn’t publicized very much and he was hoping it would remain under the radar.


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