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Owners Of Lenny’s Hideaway In Cohasset Honor Rapist Jacob Blake By Shutting Down For One Night Despite Collecting Money Via GoFundMe 


The NBA, MLB, and NHL all went on a two day “boycott” of their jobs to protest the lawful police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI, even though their employers are not responsible for that shooting, nor do they have any control over what happens now. They then promptly agreed to go back to work despite literally nothing changing because none of these people actually cares about change.

Everything these players did was predicated on getting likes and retweets from blue checkmarks and ESPN. More importantly nothing is changing because nothing needs to change. Jacob Blake was a violent criminal wanted on warrants who showed up to his girlfriend’s house unwelcomed, threatened her, resisted arrest, got tased, and reached for a knife in his car before getting shot.

More alarmingly the NBA, MLB, and NHL’s support for Jacob Blake is inappropriate because Blake is a rapist who hates police.

Yet people all over the country are supporting this man, including Stephanie and David Burke, owners of Lenny’s Hideaway in Cohasset.

She’s a hippie from California and he’s a woke white guilt savior from Quincy. Ironically their Mexican restaurant would be considered to be “cultural appropriation” by many in their social circles, since by the looks of their Facebook page it’s white people making Mexican food for white people.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is fixing racism by signing Google docs demanding that the Scituate diversity, equity, and inclusion committee have 22 members instead of 15 so that the almost non-existent people of color in town can get a seat on the board.

Lenny’s apparently wanted some free advertising so they made a public statement in support of Jacob Blake:

Lenny’s Hideaway, a Mexican restaurant and bar, closed its doors for business Thursday evening to join professional athletes and others calling for racial justice after a white police officer in Wisconsin shot Jacob Blake, a Black man, earlier this week.

“For us, this is not about our men and women in uniform, whom we fully support, nor is this about party lines. This is about basic human rights, equality and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” the owners wrote in a post on social media.

They “fully support” law enforcement, they’re just closing their business specifically to protest the fact that police shot a rapist who was trying to stab them.

The Jacob Blake rape details are disturbing.

Blake on July 6 was charged with criminal trespassing, third-degree sexual assault, and disorderly conduct from a May incident. In that previous incident, an officer was called on May 3 to the victim’s Kenosha home. She reported her ex-boyfriend broke in, stole her car, car keys, and a debit card before leaving the scene, according to a criminal complaint. The victim told police that the previous evening she went to a party in Milwaukee at about 8 p.m. in a rented car. Her sister was watching her three children while she was out. She said she returned home at 4:11 a.m. Her sister and children were sleeping on the couch, so she went to sleep in a bedroom. She alleges that she woke up at 6 a.m. and saw Blake standing over her, according to the criminal complaint.

According to the complaint, she alleges that Blake sexually assaulted her before leaving the room. After collecting herself, she ran after Blake and noticed her car was missing and then went back inside and noticed keys to her Ford Explorer 2002 and her debit card were not there, according to the complaint. She said she called 911.  The victim also alleged two fraudulent withdraws from her back account made on May 3, according to the complaint. A day later on May 4, the victim told police her truck had been returned undamaged.

BLM continues rallies behind violent criminals, including rapists like Jacob Blake, when there are so many other injustices in society worthy of their time, attention, and money. Lenny’s Hideaway didn’t close in protest when Michael Chesna was killed though, because he was a heroic family man, not a violent rapist.

The virtue signaling continued.

Here on the South Shore, Stephanie and Derek Burke, the owners of Lenny’s, decided they needed to do something.

“This morning, we were watching ESPN with the kids, explaining to them how we’re living in this historic moment right now. And saying that out loud, we thought we couldn’t let this pass us by,” said Stephanie Burke.

She said they were particularly inspired by former NBA player and sports commentator for TNT Kenny Smith, who walked off his set Wednesday evening in solidarity with the NBA and WNBA players who postponed their games in protest of the shooting.

“It’s about solidarity and hearing those that are asking us to listen because the permanent damage of all these shootings spans beyond physical for people, it’s obviously something that mentally affects them as well,” she said.

Derek Burke said the shooting most affected him as a father because Blake’s children witnessed their own father get shot, which must have been “horrific.”

Translation – we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capitalize with free advertising by telling the world were were shutting down to support a rapist.

The restaurant would have been open from 2 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, but instead the couple took the time to vote early and sit in on a Zoom meeting held by Scituate Pride to hear the voices of other underrepresented people in the community. Stephanie Burke said she would also try to attend Hull’s No Place for Hate virtual talk afterwards.

“We’re definitely going to be upsetting some people with this, but it’s never our goal to divide or create a divisive environment, especially with our business,” she said. “Our athletes made a bold move and asked us to take a pause and day of reflection to address how we are going to take action, demand change and stop killing our fellow Americans…we heard them.”

Thank God these brave, upper middle class white people from Cohasset attended a Zoom call full of white people in Hull and Scituate to discuss how they’d take “bold action” to fix the problem of rapists getting shot by cops while trying to reach for knives in a car full of kids. Evidently they believe the police should have allowed an armed rapist to drive away with a van full of kids after fighting law enforcement. These are the expectations white people from Cohasset have for the black community. This is how little they think of them.

The “fact checking” websites Politico and Snopes are glossing over the rape allegations by putting out headlines that Jacob Blake was NOT a child rapist.

As if it’s OK that he just rapes adult women while they’re sleeping.

CNN criticized Donald Trump for not calling the family of Jacob Blake while patting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the back for doing so.

Why would the President of the United States waste one minute of his time speaking with family members of a rapist who got shot while resisting arrest? This is everything you need to know between the two candidates. One meets with the family of heroes like David Dorn, the other meets with the families of rapists. These are your choices in November.

The second most pathetic part about Lenny’s Hideaway (aside from supporting rapists) is the fact that they started a GoFundMe for themselves during the COVID crisis.

Now they’re intentionally shutting down for a night because they don’t need the money. They also likely applied for PPP loans and all of their employees made more money on unemployment than they did working at an underpaid job.

If they actually wanted to put their money where their mouth is they’d be demanding Cohasset expand affordable housing. But they won’t do that because they’re racist and don’t want poor people or (gasp) people of color in their white community. Instead they shut down their restaurant for a day to honor a rapist and virtue signaled about it on Facebook.

Businesses that attack police and support rapists shouldn’t be supported by people who value women and law enforcement. I left a Facebook review on their page to share my thoughts on their public stance. 


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