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Oxford High School Art Teacher Teaches Students That All Cops Are Bad People Who Kill Black People For Things White People Are Allowed To Do


Jaimee Taborda is an art teacher and head of the Arts Department at Oxford High School.

She has yet to publicly announce to Christ Wallace whether or not she disavows white supremacy, and according to the rules we must assume she is one until that happens. All that can be deduced thus far is from her Facebook pictures is that her social circle seems to exclusively consist of white women doing white women things.

She really police and enjoys brainwashing students with anti-American, anti-police, pro-BLM propaganda. For instance, she shared a post a few weeks ago on Facebook called, “A quick guide on how to start talking to kids about police!” Let’s check it out. 

Just to review, people who choose to become cops made bad choices, policing is bad for our communities, cops don’t follow “fair rules,” and when someone decides to become a cop they are choosing to hurt people.

Cops aren’t nice to everybody, particularly black people who they kill for “doing things that white people are allowed to do every day.”

Cops on TV doing good things are fake cops because they’re nice people, unlike real cops who are mean, do unfair things, and don’t follow the same rules as everyone else.

Despite choosing to hang out exclusively with other white people she is an “ally” because she announces that she benefits from white supremacy, practices self-deprecation, and shares Medium articles.

Brainwashes kids into believing that Colin Kaepernick (who has never voted, wears pig socks, worships murderous dictators, and makes millions of dollars a year off of Nike child sweatshop labor) is some sort of hero.

Tells white people that we need to follow her lead and “listen up,” and never get defensive if someone inaccurately calls you a racist (according to anti-racism dogma all white people are racist).

She shares memes that justify looting and rioting of black owned businesses because black people are “rightfully angry” and can no longer peacefully address racism.

She wants the police not only defunded, but completely abolished.

She is teaching kids that it’s racist to say “all lives matter,” “I don’t see color,” and “make America great again.”

She wants Oxford High School to get rid of their school resource officer, even though schools seem to always be getting shot up by gunmen, possibly because she wants children to be helpless while they are murdered by goth kids who call her their favorite teacher.

Her attended Bartlett High School in Webster and she wants them to change their mascot from the Indians, which will obviously help black people and fix racism.

And she’s posted about how she’s going to “teach social justice resource exchange.”

Which explains why cartoons are racist.

The Pledge of Allegiance is a bad thing.

Black people are a monolith that all suffer from police brutality and can’t afford healthcare, while white people are all fat and ignorant of this suffering.

The United States is worse than North Korea, which starves and imprisons millions of people without due process while not allowing them to leave the country, because we saved lives by ending World War 2.

Orange man bad.

And that state troopers stole from Native Americans.

I will always support teachers and the public schools, which is exactly why I write blogs like this. Teaching is an honorable profession and people like Jaimee Taborda disgrace the job. Police are not the enemy anymore than teachers are. Imagine if cops brainwashed kids into believing that their teachers were dangerous sexual predators trying to have sex with them. After all, teacher sex scandals are far more common than rogue cops killing unarmed black men. That would be wrong too, and any teacher who expresses this sort of hatred and bigotry on her Facebook page has no business teaching. Feel free to let superintendent Kristine Nash and principal David Nugent know your feelings in a respectfully worded email.

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