Oxford High School Student Stomps On American Flag After Teacher Asks Her To Stop


Dozens of people have sent us a video from Oxford High School of what was originally reported to be a teacher stomping on an American flag. However, the Gravity Grundlehog is actually a student in the BD room. Watch.

Nothing gets our side of the aisle more riled up than disrespecting the made in China flags. I get it, I think it’s incredibly disrespectful, and if this was a teacher I’d be calling for them to be fired. But at the end of the day this is just one of the free lunch kids acting out because they’re looking for attention. That’s why they stick all these GED gyros in a room together – because all they do is disrupt the education of regular kids whose parents want them to learn. Any normal kid sees another kid doing that and just rolls their eyes at the stupidity. The fact that other kids were laughing at it shows that the concentration of glue sniffers in this room was pretty high.

I’m not even mad at this girl because chances are she wasn’t raised right and doesn’t get enough attention at home. The odds of her having a normal relationship with her Dad is slim to none. She hasn’t gone to college (and obviously never will), so she’s not standing on the flag because she’s a communist who hates America. She’s just doing it because she knows she’s not supposed to, and she knows this will get her the attention she so desperately craves.

A lot of people are asking where the teacher is, but she’s clearly in the room because Trigglypuff Jr. asks her “is this your flag” before stomping on it. You can hear the teacher respond, “yes can you put it back please?” Obviously she has lost complete control of the class and the students are well aware of that fact. The kid filming is eating God damn soup and crackers.

This weak response from teachers is what is taught in professional development now as part of “restorative justice.” Basically just let kids walk all over you without punishment because yelling at them or holding them accountable hurts their feelings.

Speaking from experience I can confidently say that the real problem here is systemic. The teacher is neutered and can’t control the class because she knows if she’s too hard and strict that they’re all gonna complain to their lawyers (guidance counselors) that the teacher doesn’t like them. She knows she can’t kick kids out of class because administration won’t back her up and will send them right back without punishment. Administration can’t suspend her because the school’s suspension rates are evaluated by the DESE, and if too many kids are getting suspended then the school will be marked down for not being equitable.

So although it’s fair to say that this is the end result of liberalism manifested in the classroom, it actually has nothing to do with anti-Americanism. Teachers have been neutered, students don’t fear their authority, and the old schoolmarm with the ruler who doesn’t put up with bullshit retired 10 years ago and is glad she got out of the profession when she did.


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